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Robhots Grape/Tangerine/Watermelon 1:1 Gummies, 100mg THC/100mg THC

THC 100.0mg
CBD 100.0mg
Robhots Grape/Tangerine/Watermelon 1:1 Gummies, 100mg THC/100mg THC
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About this product

We’ve been asked for a while, and been working for a while at a great CBD option and we’re super happy to roll them out! Debuting in the Fall of 2018 are Robhots 1:1 CBD Robhots. The flavors we’ve selected for both the REC & MED 1:1 CBD Robhots are Grape, Tangerine, and Watermelon. It’s a mix of some of our best flavors - what’s not to love? We’re starting with our MED line which contains 1000mg total (500mg CBD, 500mg THC). The pack has ten gummies in the pack, making each gummy 50mg:50mg (CBD:THC). They’re the same bite-size gummies you’ve come to know and love, but yet still have the same great taste that Robhots is known for.Our REC line has the same flavors as the MED option, and has 200mg total (100mg CBD, 100mg THC) in the pack. There is ten gummies in the pack like all our other options, with each gummy having 10mg:10mg CBD:THC.

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