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Medical Cosmos Calypso Colada Distillate-Infused Caviar/Moonrock Cone, 1g

Cosmos Jupiter Joints
THC 32.4%
CBD 0.0%
Medical Cosmos Calypso Colada Distillate-Infused Caviar/Moonrock Cone, 1g
1 gram
Trinidad's Higher Calling U
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About this product

Flavored with naturally derived botanical terpenes these fun, fruity joints are your ticket to space! Made from whole flower (0.80g flower/0.20g flavored distillate) these infused joints typically test above 30% making them the best joints in the galaxy! Calypso Colada Avast ye salty scallywags and scurvy seadogs! Walk the plank to your nearest dispensary and give your booty and doubloons to the weed wench for the distillate doobie that’ll get you yelling yo-ho-ho and ahoy! Shiver me timbers matey! … this Calypso Colada is the best joint from the blimey Briny Deep to Davy Jone’s Locker. Filled with the bounty of pineapples, creamy coconut milk and the best draught of rum on the sea; it’s the jolliest roger of the Jolly Rogers. Don’t be a landlubbin’ bilge rat or hornswagglin’ rapscallion; try one now and you’ll be the scourge of the seven seas! Sail ho!

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