Vice Stillwater

Stillwater, OK

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46 Reviews of Vice Stillwater

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November 23, 2021
Budtenders are smart and quick. Great with suggestions and the sales are on point! Don't miss this place, it's one of 2 favorites!
October 5, 2023
I’ve just moved to OK from HI and had my medical marijuana card there so moving from HI to OK I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the availability and quality of the medical marijuana and the dispensaries. In HI you’d think that due to the myth of how “free” thinking the locals are about 420, it wouldn’t be an issue when trying to locate good deals, etc. but that that can’t be farther from the truth. While most people in HI do smoke it’s not so easy to get it for medical use. The state initially legalized it for medical use but had ZERO ways for patients to obtain their medicine up until a couple of years ago. And even then it was impossible for people to open a dispensary. You had to have $1M in capital just to be considered to get a license to open your own dispensary so lots of patients had to resort to buying their medicine on the black market. So I wasn’t holding out too much hope for OK when we moved here. Mainly because in HI - well on Oahu, there are only 3, yes three companies that had enough capital to open a dispensary. So that meant the prices were really high, and for most people especially in HI where it’s expensive already, it made it hard to obtain their medication. So most still had to resort to buying it on the black market. And up until January of 2022, dispensaries could not sell edibles. Yep that’s right no edibles. But when we moved to OK I was blown away at the amount of choices I had to buy my medication and how affordable everything was. In HI flower would usually run about $45-$50+ for just a gram. And cartridges were about the same for .5 a gram. So you can imagine my complete and utter shock at the price difference in what I saw! I had to double check to make sure I read the prices. LOL I chose Vice on a whim because Stillwater had so many dispensaries to choose from. And as someone with severe agoraphobia, somewhere close is always good. And Vice is close. So I decided let’s go there. When I walked in I was impressed by how clean and bright the place was. Along with the friendliness of all the staff. I had lots of questions and Jess was happy to help me out. I had applied for an out of state license until I could get my OK drivers license. And she said that when I got it, they have a program that will allow them to help customers get their permanent licenses. She explained it all to me and said that she would be happy to help me out when I’m ready to do that including filling out the proper paperwork. Needless to say I was impressed. Not just with Jess but with all of the staff at Vice. I also like that Vice grows their own product, but also manufactures other products in the dispensary. The only thing that I do wish is that Vice had cashless payment. That I could use Canpay. Or if not let me use my debit card or credit card to pay for everything rather than using the ATM machine that charges a $3. I’m lucky that the bank I have reimburses ATM fees but I’m sure other people don’t have that luxury. Cause a lot of times I don’t know what I’m going to buy ahead of time so I don’t bring the cash with me. So cashless payment or a way to pay using my debit or credit card would be a huge benefit to an already fantastic business. I will be back though. I will be getting my permanent card with the help of Jess or whomever is available to help me out. Vice and all your staff - you’re doing a great job. Just ask your higher ups if you could offer cashless payments or a way for people to use their debit or credit cards. And it would be awesome!!
December 5, 2021
The Budtenders are great they know their product and they always know what strain to recommend to me . I tr
March 17, 2022
Jess was amazing... very friendly and definitely knows her marijuana!!! Definitely recommend!
October 11, 2022
I forgot her name! But she’s so freaking sweet and IS ALWAYS so hardworking everytime i come in there i swear she’s the only one i see everytime! She’s amazing and i wish i didn’t forget her name so i could give her credit! She knows who she is though. She has an amazing welcoming personality and did i already mention she’s such a hard worker?! Such a great atmosphere and amazing products 10/10 100% recommend coming here for any of your cannibis needs!!!! <3 morgan.
October 23, 2022
Favorite dispensary in stillwater without a doubt. Sadie will always make sure I’m walking out with the best. very nice atmosphere and some of the best prices in town, especially on flower.
March 9, 2022
They helped me find exactly what I needed
August 24, 2022
This is a great place to go to get your cannabis product. Jess is very knowledgeable about all the product and very helpful. She is also very friendly and I love talking to her. I recommend everyone to shop there.
February 4, 2023
The shop looks awesome and Hannah and Mary were very nice, helpful and just great. I’ll definitely be going back
March 6, 2022
As a new weed shopper/smoker everyone here has been super helpful with great recommendations. Definitely my go-to spot.
April 8, 2022
Always have great deals & the staff is very helpful!
April 14, 2022
Great product an knowledgeable tenders definitely will return
April 5, 2022
Love love love
March 7, 2023
They were very helpful and friendly. I would recommend Vice. This was my first time doing a pick-up order.
February 16, 2022
Nice clean and friendly dispensary best in stillwater
April 4, 2022
The equally friendly as knowledgeable staff creates an atmosphere of comfort while providing a supply of products that meets any and all needs. A++
January 27, 2023
Still a great dispensary. Awesome staff good vibes and amazing product. definitely worth visiting
September 16, 2022
They know me by name and that's what I appreciate about this dispo, as well as hella good product....Jess is the best
April 2, 2022
Knowledgeable staff and kind service is always a great recipe for an awesome retail experience. Competitive prices, above average products (~);} Grateful to have Vice in the neighborhood
February 21, 2023
Crew very friendly and helpful!
November 30, 2023
my go to dispo, every employee is so kind and they have never steered me wrong of bud! the music is always going and it always has me in the best mood. love the people there to pieces and if i worked at the north pole theyd be on the nice list forever. :) not only is the bud good and prices amazing the employees are such down to earth people.
April 28, 2022
The Top Notch Quality of Both Their Medicine and Staff is Everything and These Ladies ie. ' cannabis & staff ' Knock It Out of The Park Everytime!!! Thanks Ladies!!!
October 21, 2022
best product, budtenders and prices! these girls always know what’s good and vice always has the best deals. def my go to in stillwater!!
April 17, 2023
Great deals and great staff