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1st Step Clinic

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1st Step Clinic

Upcoming 1st Step Clinic Upcoming Patient Registrations: Next clinic date: 1st Step Clinic has appointments for OMMP Patient Card renewals on Tuesday, April 23rd and then on Saturday, May 11th. Call: 503-391-8214 option 2 Appointments still available! Give us a call! Virtual and in-office appointments are available! If you have been thinking about applying for your OMMP card, or have a renewal coming up, give us a call at 503-391-8214 option 2 today! 1st Step Clinic's Medical Marijuana Consultation Clinic is accepting Patients. Remember, we are a local business and unlike other clinics that come into Salem and run a clinic and then retreat to Medford or Portland; our business is based in Salem. We are based here and we are here to meet all of your medical marijuana needs and inquiries. Our paperwork is beyond reproach. Medical records review will be available prior to the clinic date with priority scheduling for those who qualify and those who are being transported and need immediate physician access upon arriving for their physician's visit. There is a non-refundable fee for this reservation service. or Medical Records in Hand (Need at least 18 months of medical records and at least 1 doctors visit for medical condition in the last year. A medical record review fee still applies). Location: 1275 Oxford Street SE, Salem, OR 97302 Cost: New Patients: $175; Return Patients: $150 Veterans $150; Low Income: $150 Any questions please call: Salem area local: 503.391.8214 X-2 Toll Free: 1-855.252.1952, or Cell: 503.400.5115 Pricing: Veterans, SSSI, SSD, OHP, SNAP and Returning Patients = $150 clinic fee Regular Application = $175 clinic fee Certified mailing = $10 (no need to go to the US Post Office) OMMP State Fee Regular = $200 OMMP State Fee Reduction for: SSSI = $20; Veterans = $20; OHP = $50; SNAP = $60 Fee for Grower other than Patient or if the Patient is growing at a Growsite other than the Patient's address; or if the Patient's Growsite has more than 12 plants = $200 additional to the OMMP State Fee. All clinic patients receive 10% discounts at next door at the THC Recreation Station Salem!

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10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm

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