Introducing Leafly Pickup

Enjoy the convenience of browsing menus online and reserving products for in-store pickup. Leafly Pickup is your new favorite takeout.


How Does It Work?

Find marijuana products on dispensary menus


Add items to your bag from a participating store’s Leafly menu.

Reserve marijuana order online

Submit your reservation and follow along with real-time status updates.

Skip dispensary line when picking up reserved marijuana order
Pick Up

Skip the line when you get to the store, then pay and enjoy your day!

Leafly Pickup FAQs

Does Leafly Pickup cost anything?

Nope! Pickup is a free service that lets you order items online for in-store pickup.

How do I pay?

Pay the store like you normally would when you go in to pick up your items.

Where is Leafly Pickup available?

Right now, Leafly Pickup is available in select locations in the U.S. and Canada. To learn when it launches in new markets, sign up below.