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How to Make Rosin Dabs

January 4, 2016

Dabbing enthusiasts everywhere, rejoice! Rosin is here, and it’s making some big waves in the extract community. This emerging solventless extraction technique allows anybody to make their own high quality hash oil from the comfort of their home.

The best part about rosin is that it can be made safely and inexpensively in just minutes by using ordinary household tools. This method utilizes heat and pressure to squeeze the cannabinoid-rich resin from your flowers, bubble hash, or kief. Your average hair straightener, some parchment paper, and a collection tool are all you need to produce a hash oil that rivals hydrocarbon extraction methods in flavor, potency, and effect.


What Is Rosin?

Aesthetically, rosin is almost impossible to distinguish from shatter or sap. However, the difference between the two is that rosin is completely free of the residual solvents often left behind by hydrocarbon extraction processes (e.g. butane, propane, etc.). You can also make rosin at home in minutes without the dangers associated with using butane.

Rosin is certainly making an impact in the cannabis market. Dispensaries all over the country are beginning to stock their shelves with this easily crafted, incredibly potent, and flavorful product. Let’s make some!

Ingredients for Making Rosin Dabs at Home*

  1. Hair straightener (try to find one with a low setting of around 300°F or lowerany higher and valuable terpenes will evaporate off)
  2. Starting material (this can be cannabis flowers, bubble hash, or kief)
  3. Parchment paper (unbleached, if possible)
  4. Collection tool (many dabber tools work well here, although you can get creative!)
  5. Heat-resistant gloves for safety


* Please exercise caution when handling the hair straightener and use heat-resistant gloves as an added safety measurewe don’t want you to burn yourself!

Ingredients needed for making rosin dabs at home

Four Simple Steps for Making Rosin

Step 1: Turn on your hair straightener to the lowest setting (280-330°F) and cut yourself a small 4×4” piece of parchment paper. Now fold it in half and place your material in between the folded parchment paper before giving it a light preliminary finger press.

Step 2: Carefully line the buds inside of the paper together with your hair straightener and apply a very firm pressure for about 3-7 seconds. You will want to hear a sizzle before you remove the pressuresit indicates that the resin has melted from the plant material.


How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

Step 3: Remove your sample from the hot surface and unfold the parchment paper. Now pluck the flattened nug away and grab your collection tool. This is a very sticky process so be patient and careful. For larger batches, use different clean sheets of parchment and collect your samples together at the end.

(OPTIONAL) Step 4: Remove any visible plant material if you wish. Fold the finished product between the parchment and flatten it to your preference. Then use a clean tool to pick out any plant particulates. You may place the substance on a cold surface for a few seconds if you desire a more stable material to work with.

Now load a nice fat dab of your fresh new rosin and celebrate! You just became an extract artist!

  • lovingc

    I am not amused.

    • jimbro44

      Did this not work for you? I’ve read this and had someone refer me here too… just haven’t tried it yet (waiting to find out from lawyer if it’s legal to do in AZ)

      • Zac

        Some people seem to think it’s a joke but it will work if you use the right temperature and enough pressure. Some recommend a vise but not necessary. Different people will recommend different temperatures but anywhere from 250-335F, with higher temperatures creating higher yields of less stable material.

        • jimbro44

          Oh I didn’t know people thought it was a joke.. yeah like I said I’m aware this method works, and dispensaries who can afford really high pressure presses don’t have to use any heat at all.. higher heat just means less terpenes and if you get hot enough can start vaping the cannabinoids… but yeah I’m still waiting to talk to the lawyer… he never called me today.. crazy he said he needed to talk and couldn’t answer it in email if it’s legal in az since we only have medical, and it’s not money because since I emailed NORML and it was a referral from them he was willing to waive his consultation fee… anyway I will post back if/when I find out… a seller of extraction equipment told me I can make up to my limit but both NORML and the referred attorney said it wasn’t that simple. *fingers crossed*

        • irememberallthelies

          I read compressing it into a puck helps yield. I got a fat dab out now a tiny bit of B dream tonight before I tried grape ape. I like indica and most where I love get hybrids on the sariva side as far as concentrate goes. I live in a state where they don’t like anything. I figured get a pollen press and grind and then puck it to heat. Oil slick has a paper with no quillion in it or bpa.

  • mtnduck

    is the flatened nug any good to smoke or is it trashed?

    • Eric

      Eat the chips. They are decarboxalated.

    • corners

      it smells like vapped weed, You would prob have to smoke a lot, you squeezed out most of the thc

      • ricciricci

        actually the little “weed chips” have ready and willing THC because it was never fully extracted from the plant, yet at the temperature suggested, it’s ready for good concentrated consumption. I grow and have some rat-weeeed hanging around. I tried this process and am still learning, but the stuff I’ve “smashed” has been AWESOME compared to the regular buds we had (bad year). SO DO NOT throw away your smashed plants if there is NO ‘dab’ to be grabbed because THE DAB is usually what is collected, but if you do not see it, your plant still has it, but concentrated into a chip. Other sites suggest keeping and smoking in very happy ways.. LOL.

      • Greenleaf910

        That’s the whole point, to squeeze it all out! What are you people thinking? Or is everyone reading Leafly just as clueless as the writers. Everything on this site is ment to be rechecked on more reliable sites, imo.

        • Paula Powers

          what sites do you suggest for best info?

          • Ivan van Ogre

            I don’t see dead people but I do hear crickets.

    • RammsMutter

      Use those for making edibles. Just as people use vaped weed for edibles.

    • RammsMutter


  • Joshua Indermuehle

    This works insanely well, lol. My buddy got a hair straightener, and poof, in about 10 minutes, we had a pile of rosin, its awesome, but has a tiny bit of plant here and there, you can remove the particles during a washing process if you want to dewax it at the same time, if you dewax anyway, then good to do, no solvents. I make tons of bHO, and you can stack the flattened nug chips into your tube and still get another 5% by weight in bho, lol.

    • Joshua Indermuehle

      oh, yeah, works the best if you have a large squeeze clamp. just pop it on after you close it.

    • Blake

      about how much flower did you use? and what was roughly the yield per g?

  • Raul Tsi

    I think a video of the process is definitely in order
    any suggestions for links? Thanks

  • Ryan

    If you’re doing a gram or more at a time, do you use the same parchment paper each time you press a small nug or are you using a new piece of paper after each press? Seems like it would be easy to collect all the rosin on one piece of parchment paper but all the videos I’m finding online show people using a different piece of paper each time and I didn’t know if there was some reason behind that method. Any tips here?

    • Manny

      silicone coating (off of the parchment) wears off after every press.

    • irememberallthelies

      You can get an oil slick paper that had none of the xtra stuff in it and is foil backed.

  • Joolsie

    Is there any reason you couldn’t use an iron with the same process? Any idea what setting would be best?

    • irememberallthelies

      Double sided heat is what I heard. Now if the iron can sit on a hot surface and put the paper on said surface while pressing that might work actually, if not you may have to flip it. I just got a dab out of not even a bowls worth of blue dream.

  • geraldfnord

    Silicone oil is not necessarily benign, and the stuff used in parchment paper isn’t stable above ~425°F, so don’t heat it too much.

    • Tyler Russell

      if you heat it over 425 then you’re better off getting a straw and inhaling that shit.

    • Greenleaf910

      425f.? Why are you concerned with such a high temp? If your making rosin, 300-330f. is the highest temp you need.

      • geraldfnord

        I’m not sure of the accuracy of the rigs people will later use to dab, or of their carefulness using them…and ‘breaks down at 425F’ can mean ‘not entirely safe at 392F’ in any event.

        Maybe I’m just paranoid: a case of pneumonia–not obtained by dabbing, vaping, or the like—felt at times like it had already half-killed me even with antibiotics, and has made me very sceptical of taking any kind of chance with my lungs.

  • Michaeljohn Slone

    As with anything new I found out that it takes a bit of practice. Now I love making my own …


    Rosin is a great way to make solventless oil. The coolest thing about it is that you can make Rosin at home safely, by using a hot press. I recommend the Mr.Rosin Press on Amazon.

  • This hair straitener method does work but if you want better results with better yields of rosin. And at a controlled temperature as to not burn & degrade the costly rosin. Then invest in a portable rosin press such as the t rex 1 or the higher quality t rex 2

  • Andrea Bush

    I have tried this with top grade bud as well as golden fine hash. It has yet to work even once for me. I end up with a smashed bud or a sheet of dried out hash but NO rosin or golden stuff what so ever. Used several hair straighteners on all settings, pressing hard etc . Even tried a iron. it has never worked and I wasted a lot of good bud. Videos make it look SO easy too it pisses me off.

    • Cheryl O’Brien

      You are not alone. My son tried it with different strains and got no resin at all

      • Greenleaf910

        If you can see tricombs on the weed and you still don’t get anything, your doing it wrong.

    • Ready to hit hot fire

      The idea being heat press. For flower you need a low to medium heat, around 200 degrees, then get a clamp an press the package hard, (lots of pressure) for 15 seconds. For Kief you need a low to medium heat, then add a small amount of pressure slowly for 15 seconds, (don’t add too much pressure).

    • Charles Davis

      Ya i had no problem making them jjst did it first time ever took like a good popcorn sized nug to make one hit of rosin the gather process i found to be a bit easier to use butane it freezes for a few seconds you can gather it but as your using your tool to colloct it you kinda got to go fast n make circles so that none of that butane gets caught in the rosin before you go to take a hit

      • Chad Goodwin

        Huh? Doesn’t the butane extract the oil? So isn’t the butane in it, anyway?

    • Rose LoGullo

      So glad im not the only 1


        So glad I’m not you two

    • John Partington

      u need baking paper/parchment not wax paper

      • John Partington

        if nothing comes out, you have the wrong paper, truth

  • Phillip Miller

    Well I tried it. Used a whole 1/8 and didn’t even get one hit. I’ll stick to flower until the shops start selling it I guess. I don’t recommend anyone tries this, unless of course you have disposable amounts of cannabis on hand. At least that was only $23 wasted on a hair straightener, and the buds WERE still smokeable and stoney, but they tasted like crap.

  • Rath Sem

    works like a charm! trial and error!

  • J.Santos978

    Tried this with only a point 6 and honestly you don’t get a lot of rosin, a flat head is a good way to recover the rosin. A low 300 or less will do the job any higher you will start to burn the rosin. Good article either way.

  • Restraining Sammy

    For those having difficulty with the method, please try this: 1 – Place kief in the parchment, and roll it up, flat, in a long strip of newspaper. 2 – Wet the strip with a bit of water. 3 – Heat it on both sides, turning occasionally, for a few minutes, with an IRON on low setting. Heat until newspaper is dry. 4 – Unroll and enjoy. Makes better hash with a clothing iron, I’ve found…

  • $parkle Puss

    Might be a good method for extracting CBD from industrial hemp, but I wouldn’t waste high-quality bud this way. The output is too small & the risk of ruining your weed too high IMO. Maybe I’ll buy a KG of hemp & break out the hair straightener, lol.

  • Don Juan pt2

    reading the comments…
    lol, stoner problems

    • Lovemesomerotties


  • Charles Davis

    I dkd this first time ever with a baskc 1 inch conair hair straightner took maybe a gram to get a full hit i used butane in the gather process it made it a bit easier do circles or butane will be trapped in your rosin which is the main danger when you go to hit it first time i tried i had the heat circle half way n turned down to 1/4 then i pressed my bud till i heard that sizzle slow down or stop then reland my hand press no tool peaopl just palm and pressure release and boom you got a tiny collection of rosin now clearly with industry use and production youd need like a lbs of weed just to make an oz of rosin but that o e hit was like a dab straight to da dome one hit basically what i would of smoked two bowls lf bud would of got me this high but i took one got just as high now that bud is flat and baked i smoke two of them bowls flr later itll all work out mon break it up tho smomes vetter ohh ya the flat nug not better to smome but just turning your dank bid into cheap mexican brick weed still get ya high but after 3 or 4 bpwls yalls good peeps i gotchu and ps i followed simple 123 i structions and even used my own method at the end playing with the heat i have faith in all you beautiful stoner lads you got this if you choose

    • Michael Foster

      Dude, what? Haha, but sincerely, reading your positivity, even though not related at all, is actually helping me from feeling like I’m about to fall into an abyssal of grief and depression. Thank you for being a beautiful soul, man.

  • A. Grower

    I have used a straightening iron and have also bought a press. If you can – buy a press. There is no comparison!I can press 1g of flower (about what I’d pack into a bowl to share) and have a good single serving of rosin. I’m using a nailset to pick up all of the golden deliciousness on the parchment paper. I will be trying different temp settings to see which gives me the most stable result. 220 for 80 seconds is right on the edge of sticky and more stable and easy to collect. I’ve found that cooling the rosin before collecting it sometimes helps it stick together a bit better and not smear across the paper when I’m collecting it. When it starts smearing, I stop collecting and let it cool a bit more. I’m hoping a higher temp will make it a bit more stable. Talk about my sort of science projects!

  • anon_64

    I wonder if something like a George Foreman Grill would work for large batches.

  • Austin White

    Is it better to use dried bud or bud that was just harvested and not dried