Cannabis Glossary

Access point

In the marijuana industry, an access point refers to any location in which cannabis may be purchased. Legal access points are more often called “dispensaries” or “cannabis shops,” and they may serve recreational and/or authorized medical patients depending on their licensing credentials.

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An accessory, typically made of glass, designed to make two pieces of a smoking apparatus fit together and function, typically in a bong or dab rig. Where the two pieces connect if called the joints, and joints come in different shapes and sizes: male and female, and 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, etc.

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A term used to describe cannabis that can be grown, purchased, and consumed by people 21 years old and up in a legal state. “Adult-use” typically refers to cannabis bought for recreational purposes instead of medical uses. “I just picked up my first gram at an adult-use cannabis shop!” ‘Adult-use’ vs.

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roots of cannabis grown with aeroponics

Aeroponics is a method of growing marijuana plants in which roots are suspended in the air inside of a chamber and sprayed with water. Aeroponics is commonly used to start cannabis clones in order to give them a healthy root system before being potted into soil or another growing medium.

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A process used when making ice water hash to break trichomes off the cannabis plant. In the process, cannabis plant material is frozen when placed in ice water, making trichomes brittle and easy to break off when agitated.

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Alcohol extraction

Ethanol alcohol can be used to make cannabis tinctures and other concentrates such as Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO). Isopropyl alcohol can be used to make hash, but many are shy away from it because of concerns of its toxicity.

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A major endocannabinoid, or cannabinoid produced in the body, which acts as a messenger in the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids are able to activate cannabinoid receptors such as CB1 and CB2 receptors to modulate a number of different functions in the body to help maintain homeostasis.

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Ancillary business

A business that provides products or services for the cannabis industry but does not touch the plant. Examples of ancillary businesses include: light, electrical, or construction companies, packaging companies, legal firms, security firms, tax services, companies that create accessories, marketing and tech companies, and more.

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male versus female cannabis plants, how to sex a cannabis plant

An anther is a botanical term that refers to the oval-shaped sac that forms at the end of a male flower’s stamen. Anthers are sometimes referred to as “bananas” due to their shape.

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The smell of cannabis, which can vary greatly between strains. Cannabis aromas can include: skunk, gas, lemon, grape, pine, sugary desserts, and many more. The aroma of a strain is largely determined by a plant’s terpenes, compounds contained in trichomes that give a particular cannabis strain its unique smell.

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Percolator Ash Catcher
Ash catcher

A bong accessory that sits between the bowl and the downstem, to keep ash from entering the main chamber of the bong, keeping it cleaner. This also keeps the water cleaner and smoke cleaner. They come in a variety of designs and some employ water filtration and percolators.

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Rokkaku Advanced Wax Atomizer

The heating element of a vape system which turns cannabis oil into vapor and includes the wick and heating coil. “The atomizer broke in my cartridge.” How an atomizer works Atomizers are built into vape cartridges.

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A process that occurs in some cannabis concentrates, such as shatter and pull ‘n’ snap, when their normally translucent consistency shifts and “budders” into an opaque, waxy or sugary consistency. Auto-buddering usually occurs when concentrates are exposed to heat or humidity, but can also result from agitation and impurities in the extraction process.

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autoflowering, cannabis, marijuana, growing

Autoflower cannabis plants mature and start producing buds after a certain amount of time, rather than when the amount of light reduces, as is normal in most cannabis plants. Autoflower strains are usually the result of Cannabis ruderalis bred with another strain.

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