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What Are One-Hitter Pipes and How Are They Used to Smoke Cannabis?

March 20, 2018
(Courtesy of Grav Labs)
One-hitters are a great addition to any consumer’s collection, and if you’re new to cannabis, perhaps you’ve never heard of them. These versatile, practical pipes come in a variety of fun styles and cater to smokers who prefer a quick, small hit of their favorite flower. Utilizing a one-hitter can help control dosage, conserve your stash, and keep things simple, discreet, and clean. But what else is there to know about using these convenient and portable pipes?


9 Subtle and Convenient One-Hitter Cannabis Pipes

What Is a One-Hitter?

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A one-hitter is a small pipe (sometimes called a “bat” or “chillum”) that, as the name suggests, holds about one hit of cannabis.

They come in many different materials, such as metal or glass, and are shaped like a straight tube, with the bowl on one end and the mouthpiece on the other. One-hitters can be used as a standalone, or they can come as part of a set known as a “dugout.” Dugouts have a space that holds the bat as well as a space for pre-ground cannabis, allowing you to twist the end of your one-hitter into the ground flower to easily pack it.

One-hitters have a wide variety of styles and can range from beautifully blown glass to cigarette lookalikes for discretion.


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How to Use a One-Hitter

Using a one-hitter is simple as one, two, three!

Step 1: Pack the end of your one-hitter with ground cannabis. Make sure you pack it fairly tight, so the bud will stay in place when the pipe is held horizontally.

Step 2: Place the mouthpiece end against your lips and pull gently while lighting the cannabis at the end of the pipe.

Step 3: Inhale, hold, release! Voila!

A light tap against the palm should ash the bat and leave it ready for its next use. Alternatively, you can blow into the mouthpiece end to clear the pipe.

Benefits of Using a One-Hitter

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One-hitter pipes have many advantages. Due to its compact size, it is one of the most discreet ways to smoke flower and can quickly and easily be stored out of sight. If a low-key smoke sesh is what you have in mind, you can’t go wrong with a one-hitter. Unlike a joint, it won’t be left burning an endless stream of fragrant smoke. And unlike a traditional bowl, it’s not an obvious shape or size–when lighting a one-hitter, you mimic the same motion as lighting a cigarette.


Bats are also great for conserving your stash. When smoking out of a bowl, it’s so easy to pack the whole thing. Depending on the depth of your pipe, this can potentially require quite a bit of flower. For those who want or need to smoke alone, or those who simply have a low tolerance, a full bowl can often mean a half smoked-bowl, with flavorless, charred bud to return to later. One-hitters help conserve your stash by making each hit a mindful action so you are less likely to over-pack or over-smoke.


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Using One-Hitters for Microdosing Cannabis

If you’re interested in microdosing but still enjoy smoking, one-hitters are a perfect choice for you. By taking smaller, more accurately sized hits, medical patients and low-tolerance consumers can enjoy the pleasant effects of cannabis without too much of the head-buzz. It’s a great way to moderate your dosing when smoking and conquer the day without sacrificing too much functionality.

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Head to your local head shop today to check out their selection of one-hitters and let us know your favorite style in the comments below!

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  • Marni Holmes

    Couple of things I’d like to point out: DUGOUT is actually a brand name, not just the thing you call a wooden box designed the same way. I fully believe that they, (the Dugout people), deserve the distinction noted. It has become a generic term like Vaseline and Kleenex. I’ve been using the same wonderful Dugout proudly for over 30 years. The other thing I’d like to note is that just because you are consuming “one hit” at a time, (personally I can get three hits out of mine sometimes), does not mean, in the slightest, that you can’t get really f**ked up using one. The quality of the bud dictates just as much here as anywhere else. It just does it one better by conserving your best flower. Yep, I’m old school and still love to smoke it, but I’m going to use as little as I need to get the job done. Shit’s expensive and I’m still waiting on a disability claim. Anyway, I didn’t want any low tolerance users to think that *what* they are smoking isn’t just as important as how much. I highly recommend a Dugout as a part of everyone’s paraphernalia. Smoke on!

  • lovingc

    A one hitter and a dug out box make for an easily concealable and covert smoking system.

  • Just got a “one hitter”..not fond of it. I don’t like that there is no screen to keep little bits and ash from being pulled into my mouth, I’ll stick with my pipe.

    • Antonio E.

      use a screen

      • They don’t make screens that small.

        • Ronin

          Yes, they do, there are.

          • maxwood

            Check out article, How to Make a quarter-inch (cup-shaped) screen for a single-toke utensil. Article needs technical improvements, illustration, help if you can.

        • DCBC

          Just trim down the screen with some old scissors, I myself don’t like the lack of screen trend. I find a lot of pipes aren’t even designed to hold one well, needs a bit of resin to stick it. I guess people don’t like the screen clogging and having to clean it but I find your toke and your pipe stay a lot cleaner when you use one.

          • I’m with you, DCBC, after a good pipe cleaning it’s hard to keep the filter in place but after a couple of days…all is well. I don’t smoke enough to worry about the one hitter pipe, I gave it to a friend, let her deal with it. Thanks for the input!

    • Riana Cox

      Works great for one hitters it just goes into the hole. I never have an issue with material slipping through. As long as you pop it out and clean it so the buildup doesnt block the airway .If iam going a couple of sessions before I actually clean it i just make sure to move it around to make sure the airway isnt blocked.

  • Gaz Hat

    Funnily enough just bought a RYOT Quartz glass one hitter last night to see if it’s any better than my skeleton pipe. Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Ivan van Ogre

    What I really want is a tiny one-hitter brass bowl that still has the common size metal threading so I can just screw it into my pipe.
    Any knowledge out there?