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Why Are Hand-Trimmed Cannabis Buds Better Than Buds Trimmed by a Machine?

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As the medical and recreational cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly, we’re very fortunate to witness the changes firsthand. We have seen things originate from a clandestine network in the shadows and progress into a legitimate industry with established standards. These standards are the guidelines on everything from how dispensaries are being run to the quality of the cannabis you’re acquiring.

One way of measuring the quality of what you partake in is determining how well your cannabis was trimmed. Medical marijuana needs to be properly cultivated, manicured, and processed before consumption. If those steps have been followed, they should serve as a good indication that the buds are being held to high expectations. But is there a difference between buds that have been hand-trimmed versus buds that were trimmed by a machine? The answer is absolutely. Here are three reasons why you should rage against the machine (so to speak).

1. Machine-Trimmed Flowers Can Affect Yield, Potency, and Flavor

Leafly cannabis buds

Many growers and mass processors of cannabis have chosen to take shortcuts in order to meet the increasing demand for their product. The biggest shortcut that’s being implemented is the use of a trimming machine. Cannabis connoisseurs can simply look at a handful of nugs and immediately tell whether they were trimmed using a machine or by hand. But how is that possible?

The answer is simple: Machine-trimmed flowers almost always end up looking the same, typically taking the form of a small pine tree. The end result is terrible not only for the yield, but more importantly, for potency and flavor. Machines shave too much off of each nug because they treat them all as one standard size and shape. Unfortunately, this method also shreds away the much needed trichomes which contain many of the properties for which the plant is initially being cultivated.

Although they all classify as cannabis, each strain is inherently different in size, shape, and structure. Trimming machines are unable to assess these differences between each strain. More importantly, these machines can’t distinguish which nugs are coated in crystallized resin. In essence, machines are taking away all the love and hard work that the growers put into their individual strains, as well as curbing the effects for which the plants were originally grown.

2. Professional Trimmers Know How to Properly Handle Cannabis Buds With Care

Leafly cannabis bud being trimmed

There are thousands of types of cannabis strains, from Sour Diesel to Purple Kush to Trainwreck, just to name a few. Each is different in appearance, density, and shape, as well as provides completely different effects. In order to ensure each strain stays true to its origins, they must all be treated with individual attention and care. Cannabis does not need the rumbling of motors and buzzing of moving blades; instead, it requires the skillful eye and steady hands of a trained professional.

In order to successfully process thousands of individual nugs by hand, there is a certain level of training, focus, and experience that must come into play to ensure the adequate handling and processing of cannabis. Professional trimmers must know how to hold the nug itself as to keep the integrity of the shape and not agitate the crystallized resin. They must also be able to immediately assess how much pressure to apply to the nug with their shears.

Most importantly, a true professional trimmer will know what to trim and what not to trim. Different strains will excrete their THC-filled natural resin in various sections of the cannabis plant across different densities. Only the trained eye of a professional will be able to know how to properly trim the flowers in order to yield the best possible product.

3. The Hand-Trimmed Process Creates Jobs and Standardization Without Compromising Quality

Cannabis trimming tray

With the increased automation of the marijuana industry, it’s imperative that we as consumers hold our growers and manufacturers to a higher standard. Being able to tell how well a nug is trimmed is the fastest way to help assess the quality of your cannabis.

Trimming is slowly becoming the face of change in the medical marijuana industry, with trimming companies creating jobs, providing honest work, and offering training as well as education to help make more informed patients. Professionally trained trimmers are raising the bar and setting new standards to make sure cannabis is treated with proper care and that patients and consumers alike are getting the most out of every single nug.

A hand-trimmed nug is the essence of care and appreciation for an industry that cannot forget where it came from or who it’s serving, regardless of how it far it has evolved. As the cannabis industry continues to make waves at an unprecedented rate, it’s crucial for us to preserve the processes that treat the plants with the respect and care they deserve.

  • There are many highly engineered bud trimming machine brand available like centurion pro and twister cuts bud precisely without losing an essential part of bud and saves time and money by replacing 20 peoples work with only one machine.

    • Neil Fairburn

      I agree with u .I use to hang it after running it across a table top trimmer and then hope everyone showed up to trim the bud.well, there was always a few who didn’t show up for one reason or after 5yrs of that I bought a t2 twister with 2 barrels. It was sure faster but always changing barrels. Then I heard of and saw a trimanator run all day long with no tear I sold my t2 and bought a trimanator and that is the machine to will

      • Neil Fairburn

        Happy valley

        • Thunder Weed Thor

          Happy Valley’s industrial bullshit

  • Bongstar420

    LOL..just excuses to be inefficient.

    If I run 29% through a machine and it comes out 28%..omg, its the end of the world.

    Also, the kief is at the bottom of the machine and is not “wasted”

    I’ve supplied perfect hand trimmed product. Vendors and customers do not pay for it, they just “appreciate” it

  • Brywick

    Interesting perspective, but rather self serving, generated by a hand trimming company. I will have to read up on this a bit more.

  • Brad Kirk

    What a joke. Just another hippie speaking the wonders of caveman tech. Let’s see here, I can trim up a pound in a couple of hours, or a couple of days? So, I can spend $5 worth of electricity and one worker, as opposed to 3 workers getting paid for a whole day. I mean sure, it can be done. If you want $700 an ounce bud. Here’s a secret, moonchild. The bud itself? It’s full of THC. If you literally believe it’s on the surface you need to be sober when you write this shit.

  • David Abrahamson

    I have not used a trimming machine over hand trim personally but the economic views of this article are ignorant at best and greedy at worst. “Creating jobs” should not be the focus of the employer, or the employer would be out of business due to a bloated payroll. The main issue i take is the suggestion that a machine somehow creates itself, that there were no employees involved in the process of building, developing, selling or maintaining this machine. It seems to me that the evolution of trimmers should not be to demand, regulate, wish for or argue against other more efficient ways of getting a job done, but rather learn to be a part of that new way of doing something.

    In the closing of the article I see that the author concludes that cutting a plant to small pucks with scissors is magically more respectful to the plant than doing the same with a machine. Of course the plant I’m sure would be happy to know it was grown, and was breaded purely to be chopped down, cut to condensed material, dried upside down and cured in jars all for a human to grind it up, light it on fire and inhale it to get high for a couple hours.

    I understand marijuana can be medically useful, and I also understand and take no issue with someone just wanting to get high. But, pretending you are on higher moral ground than a trimming machine when the device you champion or the machine you use is nothing more than a simplistic version of that machine you rail against seems desperate, not honest. Because it “crates more jobs” is either economically ignorant or greedy, maybe both?

  • Thunder Weed Thor

    Seeing what the others are posting is absolutely ludicrous. Creating jobs is good. Also helps keeps it out of the hands of big industrial complex Manufacturing. Hey if you guys want shaved uniformed weird-ass looking buds go right ahead. But saying people having jobs a skilled trade is worse than industrializing cannabis is just moronic