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New Strains Alert: Lambs in Space, Fruit Crusher, Humboldt Hawaiian, and More

Leafly’s New Strains Alert is an ongoing series that announces cannabis strains recently added to our database. Leave a rating and review for any you’ve tried, or find out if a strain is available in your area by clicking through to the strain page.

Welcome back to Leafly’s New Strains Alert! This week we have a bunch of fruity new strains from North America and beyond.

Humboldt Hawaiian, a balanced hybrid from the talented crew at Calyx Garden, holds it down for the west coast by combing cannabis royalty in this pungent strain.

We’re also sharing a couple delicious cuts from Pilot Farms: Prismatic Jack and Lambs in Space. A few of us had the pleasure of sampling these fine strains while on location in Portland, Oregon, and let me tell you, Oregon has some seriously fire flower.

If you’ve tried any of these strains, leave a review and help inform others on the effects, flavors, and the experience of these cool new additions to the Leafly database.

Leafly Humboldt Hawaiian hybrid cannabis strain tile   Humboldt Hawaiian

Humboldt Hawaiian is a 50/50 hybrid strain by Calyx Garden that crosses Purple Champagne and Platinum GSC. Emitting an enticing fragrance of tropical earth and berry kombucha, Humboldt Hawaiian’s terpene profile is as loud as it is unique. This strain offers a happy, euphoric mental state that is accompanied by appetite stimulation and pain relief. Enjoy this uplifting hybrid as a means to curb depression while dimming stress and pain.

Leafly Prismatic Jack hybrid cannabis strain tile   Prismatic Jack

Prismatic Jack by Pilot Farms is a relaxing and happy hybrid strain. This cross of Jack Skellington and Prismatic offers a blissed-out mental state and energizing physical high that spurs creativity and lateral thought. The grower describes it as “the feeling after a massage or like stepping out of a hot spring after a nice, long soak.” Prismatic Jack’s terpene profile is a bouquet of pine and herbs nestled in beautiful dark purple buds.

Leafly Lambs in Space hybrid cannabis strain tile   Lambs in Space

Lambs in Space by Pilot Farms is a balanced cross of Lambs Sour Diesel and Space Candy. It offers a focused, happy buzz that is perfect for social gatherings. The strain’s rich aroma of lemon, mango, and fuel will draw people in, while the thoughtful, giggly buzz promotes energized conversation and good vibes. Lambs in Space also has a vivid appearance, expressing bright green flowers with amber stigma. Enjoy Lambs in Space throughout the day for a happy, focused buzz.

Leafly hybrid Fruit Crusher cannabis strain tile   Fruit Crusher

Fruit Crusher by Compass Genetics is an alluring mixture of fruity Floridian strains mixed against a currently unknown cross. Created by blending Florida Lemons (Florida OG x Lemon Skunk) and a Purple Skirt x LSD hybrid, Fruit Crusher’s pedigree is a complicated web of flavors and effects. Emitting a delicious limonene-forward fragrance intermixed with notes of grape and fuel, Fruit Crusher’s aroma is almost as intoxicating as its high. Enjoy this strain during the daytime for a mood-elevating buzz that is quite cerebral. However, this strain’s effects can become sleepy in higher doses.

Leafly sativa Nectarine Lips cannabis strain tile   Nectarine Lips

Nectarine Lips by Wolf Genetics is a fruity mixture of unknown strains. Expressing a sweet, tropical aroma with touches of peach and nectarine, this strain lures consumers in with its sugary stone fruit aroma. Nectarine Lips offers a pleasant “brain-high,” as described by the breeder, making it a social and cerebral buzz that is energetic without being overstimulating. This plant develops pink and purple buds over its snappy 57-day flowering period and has some strong natural resistances to drought and inclement weather.

Leafly sativa California Limes cannabis strain tile   California Limes

California Limes by Wolf Genetics is a citrus-heavy cross of undisclosed strains. It features a powerfully zesty aroma underpinned with notes of sour, ripening grape and spicy chili. California Lime has a squat and bushy morphology that develops dense buds hard with resin. This strain is on the potent side, imbuing consumers with especially heady effects that some might describe as semi-psychedelic. That being said, mind your dosage and enjoy the ride. California Lime has a flowering time of approximately 60 days.

Leafly sativa Lemon Zest cannabis strain tile   Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest is another undisclosed cross from Wolf Genetics. As described by the grower, this strain expresses a unique smell of pungent lemon zest, butter, and hashy earth. The flavor is a mixture of pungent berries and lemon intermixed with a creamy, unctuous undertone. This plant grows fist-like flowers with a productive calyx-to-leaf ratio, leading to resinous buds that weigh heavy on the branches—so heavy that bracing or trellising may be needed to support the large colas. Lemon Zest’s effects are creative and lucid, making it an excellent option at all times of the day.

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