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New Strains Alert: Hollywood OG, Critical Jack, Blackberry Lime Haze, Jamaican Dream, and White Dragon

Looking for some new strains to help elevate your weekend plans? Whether you're an indica-lover, a die-hard sativa fan, or somewhere in between, we have recommendations! From Eva Seeds in Spain, we've added the pure indica White Dragon as well as their sativa-heavy Jamaican Dream. Critical Jack is a hybrid that combines the powerhouse indica Critical Mass with Jack Herer, one of the most adored sativa strains to ever bless our stash jars. Blackberry Lime Haze is an amazingly flavorful hybrid that offers a multitude of medical benefits, and all you Californians out there should keep an eye out for Hollywood OG, another potent hybrid from the OG family.

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   1. Hollywood OG

Characteristics of Hollywood OG:

   2. Critical Jack

Characteristics of Critical Jack:

   3. Blackberry Lime Haze

Characteristics of Blackberry Lime Haze:

   4. Jamaican Dream

Characteristics of Jamaican Dream:

   5. White Dragon

Characteristics of White Dragon: