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THC detox kits or detox drinks: Which solution is right for you?

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Presented ByPassYourTest.com May 6, 2021

So, you want to detox from weed but aren’t sure what the best path forward might be. Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need to know how to pass a drug test for work, are looking to take a tolerance break, or simply want to cleanse your system of toxins, you have options to effectively detox.

It’s essential to understand how THC interacts with your body to decide how best to tackle your detox. The THC in cannabis is fat-soluble, meaning it gets stored in your fat cells and organs. Our metabolism, weight, and frequency of use all factor into what a successful THC cleanse looks like.

For most people, it will take between four and six weeks from the last time you consumed marijuana for the traces of THC to fully leave the body naturally. This, of course, depends on the factors above, but generally, the more frequent & concentrated your cannabis use and a higher body fat level will mean more time required for THC traces to exit your system. In contrast, less frequent use and lower body fat levels typically mean a shorter cleanse period to rid your system of unwanted toxins.

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Every detox scenario is unique, but you don’t have to go it alone. PassYourTest.com has been helping people rid toxins from their systems to reach their cleansing goals for 20 years. Whether you need to detox in a specific or short amount of time, or whether you’re simply looking for some help resetting your system and cleansing unwanted toxins, PassYourTest.com has a solution for you.

Detox drinks versus detox kits, what’s the difference?

The first step in your weed detox journey involves finding the right product. PYT offers two categories of products—detox drinks and detox kits. Detox drinks work fast and provide a window for you to pass a test. Detox kits, on the other hand, provide a permanent cleanse over the course of several days.

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The detox kit also provides several home testing kits, so you can walk into your test feeling confident that you’ll pass. In other words, regardless of your situation, there’s a PassYourTest.com product for you!

When to use detox drinks

Many people do not have the luxury of knowing when they will be tested, so they need a product designed to work fast. If you do not have time for a five or ten day permanent cleanse, detox drinks are the perfect product for you.

Designed to work in 90 minutes, detox drinks provide a clean result for six hours. Made up of a liquid concentrated detox drink and detoxifying capsules, these products are an easy way to make sure you get the result you want—even when you’re facing a short timeline.

The best detox drink options for you

To find the best detox drink for you, PYT offers a list of criteria designed to steer you in the right direction. Detoxing is not a one-size-fits-all situation, so PYT makes sure that you have all the resources you need to feel confident with your product choice.

For example, people with daily exposure, a weight of over 200 pounds, who have high body fat, or who have experienced exposure to concentrated toxins will want the strongest detox option. In this case, the Fail Safe Kit is the best product for an effective same-day cleanse.

For those with moderate exposure, who weigh less than 200 pounds, and have moderate body fat, you’re going to want to use the Clean Shot. This option isn’t quite as intense as the Fail Safe Kit, but it still gets the job done.

THC Detox Kits
Courtesy of PassYourTest.com

When to use detox kits or pills

If you’re one of the lucky folks that know when their test is coming, detox kits are the perfect product to help you meet your cleansing goals. Each kit works with your body’s natural detoxifying process to expedite a permanent cleanse.

This means, after completing a detox with a PYT kit, the window for which you can test clean is open until you are exposed again. There’s no need to worry about missing your chance because you ran out of time.

And the home testing kits (included in each kit) give you an added feeling of confidence that there isn’t a surprise result waiting for you. By using the home testing kits, you can walk into your test knowing you already passed.

The best detox kit & pill options for you

Designed to provide a permanent cleanse for heavy users or anyone over 250 pounds, PYT’s 10 Day Detox Kit is the most thorough detoxification option. This kit contains four Pre-Cleanse Formula Capsules, 60 Morning Time Formula Capsules, 60 Evening Time Formula Capsules, and 8 Post-Cleanse Formula Capsules. And that’s not all!

The kit also comes with a cleansing guide, a meal plan, phone/chat support to answer all your questions, optional text and email reminders to help you maintain your detoxing goals, and three home testing kits. Everything you need to find success in your THC detox is included.

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If you don’t have ten days to THC cleanse, you are under 250 pounds, and you only have moderate exposure to the toxins from which you are cleansing, what you are looking for is PYT’s 5 Day Detox Kit. The 5 Day Detox Kit includes the pre-cleanse formula capsules, the daily herbal supplement capsules, and the post-cleanse formula capsules.

THC Detox Kits
Courtesy of PassYourTest.com

In addition to the capsules, you also receive the same cleansing guide, meal plan, support, and home testing kits included in the 10 Day Kit. With over 250,000 customers having used this product, it’s easy to see why this is PYT’s most popular detoxing product.

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Peace of mind on passing your test

There will be times when you have the luxury of knowing when a test is coming, and sometimes you won’t. Some seasons will be heavier in exposure than others, and our bodies are always in a constant state of flux. It makes sense to have a game plan with all these variables, especially if your livelihood is on the line.

That’s why PassYourTest.com offers a cleansing solution for every situation. You can do a five or ten day cleanse when you have the time, and you can have a backup that will cleanse your system for a few hours on the same day. It comes down to peace of mind, and with a 100% guarantee on every PYT product, you can rest assured that your detox will go smoothly.

For 20 years, PassYourTest.com has helped people successfully reach their cleansing goals. So, whether you need to detox from THC in a matter of hours or over the course of several days, PYT has a product that is guaranteed to get the job done every time there is a need.

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