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Despite Obstacles, Italian Cannabis Supporters Optimistic on Legalization

Italian lawmakers are considering whether to ease restrictions on cannabis and greenlight cannabis social clubs.

Like Barcelona, Bilbao is Taking Steps to Regulate Cannabis Social Clubs

The City Council of the Basque city of Bilbao announced this week it will begin the process of regulating cannabis social clubs (CSC).

How Will Spain’s Local Elections Impact Cannabis Reform?

A political stalemate in the nation's capital has put more importance on local cannabis reform measures—and could make them more likely to pass.

Tenerife: Is This Canary Island a Cannabis Travel Destination?

The Spanish island of Tenerife has panoramic vistas and cannabis aplenty. But think twice before planning your vacation.

Where to Find Cannabis When You’re High in the Italian Alps

For the past nine months, Cannabis Social Club Bolzano has been operating at a legal and cultural crossroads.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Europe? Coffeeshops vs. Cannabis Social Clubs

There are two predominant ways cannabis is legally distributed in Europe. Which works best?

Italian Lawmakers Are Debating Cannabis. Will They Legalize It?

A broad coalition of politicians support a new proposal to legalize cannabis, but opposition is fierce.

Why Belgians Urge You to ‘Pull Your Plant’

Sparked by one man's novel idea, Belgium's Cannabis Social Club movement is small but strong-willed. Can it survive the latest government scrutiny?

Belgian Social Club Defends Cannabis in Court

Mambo Social Club is Belgium’s second cannabis social club, and they will be going to appeal a case against them for the cultivation and possession of cannabis.