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Can You Be Sacked for Using Medical Marijuana in Australia?

As Australia eases its rules on medical cannabis, workers and their employers have questions about what is and isn't allowed.

Roadside Drug Tests Regularly Give False Positives, Putting the Innocent Behind Bars

Police in jurisdictions across the country rely on the tests despite findings that they often lead to wrongful convictions.

The Shake: Urine Tests Wash Out Tech’s Best and Brightest, and Cannabis ‘Twinkie’ Defense Used

Prohibition costs states billions in lost funds, the Chicago Tribune calls out the NFL, and students are going to college on cannabis' dime.

The Shake: Falsified Drug Tests, The Trump vs. The Bern, and Flint’s Water Crisis

In other news: Oakland welcomes a cannabis art show, Trudeau lets down Canadians, and a pair of Portland dispensaries want to give part of your purchase to a presidential candidate.