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Colorado to Sessions: Cannabis Industry Working, Can Do Better

Colorado's legal marijuana industry is working — and can work better with federal collaboration, the state's governor and Republican attorney general told U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Guns or Cannabis: Which Is More Strictly Regulated?

In Colorado, there's no shortage of gun enthusiasts or cannabis connoisseurs. But you might be surprised at which is more taxed, tracked, and regulated.

Study Finds Colorado Cannabis Shops Not Selling to Minors

Busting more myths: Undercover researchers find that Colorado cannabis stores are checking IDs and not selling to minors.

Alaska Cannabis Regulators Award First Licenses

Alaska regulators were applauded Thursday as they approved the first licenses for legal marijuana growing and testing facilities — another milestone for the fledgling industry.

Why Belgians Urge You to ‘Pull Your Plant’

Sparked by one man's novel idea, Belgium's Cannabis Social Club movement is small but strong-willed. Can it survive the latest government scrutiny?

This Policy Wonk Is Changing the Conversation About Cannabis on Capitol Hill

Over the past six months, John Hudak has quietly become one of the most influential voices on national cannabis policy in the U.S.

6 Best Practices for Opening Your Own Cannabis Business

We asked our most successful clients for tips on starting a new business. Here's what every budding ganjapreneur needs to know.

Washington Could Welcome Out-of-State Investors, Mr. Yuk

Washington state cannabis regulators are weighing rule changes to allow out-of-state investors and require edibles be labeled as poison.

Canada and the Logistics of Legalization

The world is watching to see how Canada will handle the logistics of a national retail cannabis market.

Colombian President Signs Decree Legalizing Medical Cannabis

With a decree Tuesday, the Colombian president fully legalized medical cannabis and set out regulations for its production and distribution.

Washington Implements New Cannabis Laws: What’s Changed for the Evergreen State?

Today the state of Washington is implementing new cannabis laws that will change its medical marijuana program, with additional changes to take place July 1, 2016.

Houston, We Have a Labeling Problem

Patients who acquire cannabis-infused edibles from medical marijuana dispensaries might be getting much less (or much more) than they're being told.

Is It the End for These Washington Cannabis Businesses?

Starting July 1, 2016, all Washington state medical marijuana dispensaries will be required to have an I-502 license. Here's a list of Seattle businesses that may be facing closure:

New Study on Colorado’s Cannabis Edibles Confronts a Half-Baked Problem

Two new studies by the New England Journal of Medicine outline some of the complex new issues arising in Colorado related to cannabis-infused edibles.

Why Can’t Washington Sell All Its Legal Recreational Cannabis?

First Washington had too little recreational cannabis to support the retail market debut last July, and now the Evergreen State has too much product.

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