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About this product

A rare strain with bold floral scents, North Star is ideal for those seeking the benefits of CBD. It's made up of sticky, dense, medium-sized buds that are dark green in colour with hues of light purple. North Star comes in dried flower and soft-gel form to meet the needs of all our clients.

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Overall I do not recommend this for anyone trying to treat anxiety. It was great for the first hour but after that it just induced panic attacks. Perfect for knocking yourself out if you can't sleep though! Beware of nightmares however, it gave me and two friends awful nightmares. Probably won't buy again, especially at the price it is.


Absolutely love this strain. I have anxiety, ADHD and persistent depressive disorder. I like to use marijuanna medically. This one if I use too much gives me a bit too much of a head high. But the right amount I don't feel very high at all I just feel my body relax and be peaceful. Makes me very productive and aware when I use the right amount. I recently made edibles with it about 3g for a 12 cookie recipe. Two cookies made me very giggly, a bit red eyed and very chill. Could do tasks if I really wanted to but I just wanted to have a good time and be carefree. One cookie or half of a cookie made me very calm and productive, helps a lot with my ADHD. I would recommend this as a day time strain or for anxiety/depression/adhd. For bed time it's not the greatest but does help a tiny bit.


I didn't love that this CBD high strain was also Sativa dominant. I felt a clear "come up" or mental shift in the first 8 minutes, and when that had settled down, I didn't feel the effects of the CBD that much except for slight couch-lock. Still feeling bodily energy and some mind energy but also feeling a bit physically weighed down was a weird mix, not relaxing. I tried this strain 3 times and it felt the same way each time. I don't know what someone would use this possibly energetic, high CBD strain for exactly, it just didn't work well for me.

About this brand

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