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Atman Mantis Metal Smoking Pipe


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ATMAN VAPORIZER Smoking Pipes Atman Mantis Metal Smoking Pipe
ATMAN VAPORIZER Smoking Pipes Atman Mantis Metal Smoking Pipe
ATMAN VAPORIZER Smoking Pipes Atman Mantis Metal Smoking Pipe
ATMAN VAPORIZER Smoking Pipes Atman Mantis Metal Smoking Pipe
ATMAN VAPORIZER Smoking Pipes Atman Mantis Metal Smoking Pipe


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About this product

ATMAN Mantis, a portable mechanical metal smoking pipe for dry herb and tobacco on the go. It can be separated into 8 parts, and assembled back easily, easy to load and clean. With latest design, no ash dropping while smoking. It is a best choice pipe for you. Features: 1. Volume: 3.8ml, mega volume for dry herb and tobacco. 2. Material: eco-friendly aluminum, very light and portable. 3. Surfacing: Anodic hard oxide, top grade quality. 4. Removable design: Integral removable,easy to assemble, easy to clean. 5. Flexible mouthpiece design: help to clean and press out the ash from the pipe after smoke. 6. Bottom cap: with honeycomb cap, help to light up the dry herb and clean the ash. while smoking, no ash dropping. 7. Windows: from the 4 side windows on the pipe, you can see how the herb working on. 8. Mouthpiece: flat mouthpiece, Ergonomic design. 9. Invisible storage design: with an invisible storage design in the mouthpiece to storage smoke. How to use: 1. Open the bottom cap and load the herb into Pyrex chamber. 2. Then close the cap. 3. Light up the herb from the bottom cap, with a lighter. 4. Smoke it and enjoy. How to clean: 1. After smoke, press the mouthpiece to push the ash out of pipe. 2. Or screw out the cap to clean it directly with brush or ethyl alcohol. 3. It can be seperated into 8 parts to clean. 4. Make sure every part is dry and clean before assembling back. Marks: before cleaning, make sure the pipe is cool down. Warning : When smoking, be careful of the heat of pipe. Atman Mantis Smoking Pipe Kit: 1 x Atman Mantis Smoking Pipe

About this brand

Atman vaporizers UK is a leading innovative company that specializes in manufacturing premium high quality portable electronic vaporizers. Since 2009 Atman utilizes the latest technology , designs, attention to detail to insure both original designs and perfect performance to our customers. Atman’s professional customer support team is knowledgeable in all aspects of our product line, No question or concern is too big or too small for our representatives. All products are covered by our 1 year limited warranty so customers can rest assured that every product is a good product. At Atman, we listen to customers feedback and reviews to improve our products. With years of experience we know your business and customers needs. We have launched ourselves ahead of the competition and have revolutionized the Vaporizer industry!!! Please visit Atman website or contact your account representative for new products . Atman ,a trusted name in personal portable vaporizer ,boost your love and your life. Sincerely, The Atman Team

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Sun Aug 05 2018
Love these.. have now had 3.. but same problem... the threads connecting bowl to the mouthpiece strip... no matter how careful I’ve been.. all have had same problem... just need that threaded piece replaced...x3...ugggg
Sun Aug 05 2018
I have over time purchased 3 of these pipe and have enjoyed them however they all have the same flaw, that is the middle screw on all 3 is stripped, I'd love info on how to obtain replacements