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About this product

The Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit is one of the finest detox kits on the market and is an effective marijuana detox. It includes instructions to guide you through the process, and enough herbs for either the full strength 9 day cleanse, or a longer but milder 14+ day cleanse. The choice is yours. How it works as a THC or marijuana detox - The liver can only process so many chemicals per day. Unfortunately most peoples colons are unclean and toxins continuously leach from the colon, into the bloodstream, and then the into liver. This reduces the amount of THC that the liver can process. The Bio Cleanse Detox absorbs and removes much of the toxic fecal waste in the bowels, hence leaving the liver and other eliminatory organs with more power to do their job. The herbs in the detox also speed up the organs elimination processes. The kit includes 90 herbal vegan capsules of our Digest Power formula to stimulate the bowels and organs, 300 grams of Toxin Remover powder (containing bentonite clay), to absorb the released toxins and carry them away safely, and also 30 veggie caps of our vegan probiotics. Separate products from within the Detox Kit may be purchased individually here Join the growing number of happy people who have experienced our Organic Detox Kit.

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I tried it to detox the thc from my system, it don't seem to be working. I'm going to give the full strength cleanse a couple more days and then ill update my review. Also @RichyDimitri did you do anything else besides follow the directions? To make sure the cleanse worked?


The cleanse is 9 days, not 90, I don't know what the other guy in the above review is saying. It's a remarkable program. My health condition has improved dramatically since doing it. It also helped me to start on a journey of healthier eating and lifestyle. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to rid their body of toxins, mucoid plaque, heavy metals, whatever.


Solid but 90 days?! Need something faster than that. Everyone knows most can detox naturally in a week.

About this brand

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The Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit is probably the best colon cleanse/detox diet program in the world. It is the result of 8 years of research in conjunction with, one of the internet's longest running and most respected health review sites. The result is a detox program that is affordable, made from premium quality organic ingredients, easy to perform by almost anyone and at the same time extremely effective.