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CaliConnected Online Headshop Edibles Cooking LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser
CaliConnected Online Headshop Edibles Cooking LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser
CaliConnected Online Headshop Edibles Cooking LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser
CaliConnected Online Headshop Edibles Cooking LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser
CaliConnected Online Headshop Edibles Cooking LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser


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About this product

Meet LEVO II, a next generation oil infuser that extracts natural flavors, aroma & nutrients from your dry herb using controlled heating to create infused oil and butter. This premium kitchen appliance offers a streamlined infusion experience with enhanced features & technology compared to its predecessor. Now you can prepare oils with advanced 'Dry' and 'Activate' cycles, releasing the full range of tastes & potency from your dry herbs before infusing into butter or oil. LEVO automates the traditional method of oil infusion so you can enjoy homemade wellness products and culinary edibles without the tedious work and messy clean up. Re-engineered for maximum convenience and efficiency, the LEVO II features a dishwasher-safe, ceramic-coated reservoir with a slanted design for the easy wicking-out of oil and butter. A redesigned silicone stirrer gently infuses without aerating your oils to ensure a longer shelf life, and a newly devised Power Pod fits double the capacity for double the potency. Use your smartphone to control and monitor your infusions via WiFi connection, and discover new recipes with the handy LEVO mobile app available for both iOS & Android. Access your history, referring to past sessions, and use the Time & Temperature calculator to plan out your infusions with ease & peace of mind all from your mobile device. Catch up on the latest infused oil & butter recipes on the LEVO app and share your own creations as you begin to master the infusion process. In the meantime, your new LEVO will come with detailed instructions and a quick start guide to get you on your feet first. The LEVO II is an infusion enthusiast's dream--a premium appliance with reliable performance that infuses up to 16 ounces of dry herb at a time complete with easy settings that are controlled wirelessly. Simplifying the process of oil infusion, the LEVO 2 allows you to prepare oil with the single push of a button. From salves & soap to smoothie bowls & salad dressing, using LEVO is as easy as making coffee or tea. LEVO II gives you full control over ingredients & strength to seamlessly extract the most from your dry herbs, with results that are rich with the tastes, scents, and other compounds you love. Need more? Read our in-depth blog post here to learn more about the LEVO II Oil Infuser, including a breakdown of infusion benefits from the new ‘dry’ & ‘activate’ cycles. Get Connected: LEVO II Oil Infuser Infuses Dry Herb into Oil or Butter Activates Dry Herb Before Infusion New 'Dry' and 'Activate' Cycles Full Control of Shelf-Life & Potency Double Capacity Power Pod Redesigned Silicone Stirrer Ceramic-Coated Reservoir Mobile WiFi Connection Smartphone App Promotes Longer Shelf Life for Infusions No Solvents, Additives, or Emulsifiers Needed Minimum 5oz / Maximum 16 oz Per Infusion Measures 8.75” x 9.5” x 15.5” inches Detailed Instructions & QuickStart Guide One Year Manufacturer Warranty Note: The time it takes the LEVO II to warm up to your set temperature can vary significantly, depending on factors including altitude, your cycle settings, and the type of ingredients you choose to use. Unlike a kitchen oven’s larger exposed heating coils, the LEVO uses an insulated laboratory heat-plate that heats from beneath the reservoir, so please allow a range of approximately 15-30 minutes to reach your set cycle temperature

About this brand

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CaliConnected is an online headshop that aims to satisfy all of your smoking wants & needs in one convenient shopping experience. The company was founded by two marijuana connoisseurs with the vision to connect every customer with affordable hardware that can be proudly shown off. The CaliConnected name is all about the good vibes that are so closely associated with California, highlighted by the illegality & fun behind the counterculture movements of the 70’s through today’s libertarian acceptance and eventual legalization. What began as a wholesale operation in early 2017 for supplying brick & mortar smoke shops with cheap prices on high-quality bongs & vapes, quickly evolved into an elaborate online headshop offering those same budget-friendly savings to anyone of age with a computer or smartphone. Thanks to our industry background, we used our established relationships with major brand names and amassed an endless supply of inventory that make up our affordable collections of bongs & dab rigs, vaporizers & e-nails, high-quality CBD, and an extensive selection of smoking accessories. We also design and maintain an expanding line of “Kush Clothing” found within our “Lifted Lifestyle” collection, a curated selection of 420-friendly accessories for yourself, your pets & your home. At CaliConnected, customer service always comes first. We fulfill orders from California, Missouri, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida & Georgia. This vast disbursement of shipping locations allows us to provide free ground shipping on all US orders over $20 and an average turnaround time on delivery within 2-5 days! Our devoted Customer Care Team is based out of Pennsylvania, operating independently from the warehouses in order to provide our clients the fastest and most efficient help possible. Let us be your new connect and you too can get a taste of the sweet California Dream.

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Mon Aug 09 2021
GAME CHANGER. almost nothing I make in my kitchen is not medicated, scented, or far more flavorful than before! I'm impressing people left and right LOL
Mon Aug 09 2021
THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! Seriously, makes the process of making butter so easy. I hated straining by hand and the clean up was always atrocious, LEVO strains for you and clean up is super easy! All the removable parts are dishwasher safe!! You NEED this.
Mon Aug 09 2021
I swear I need a shirt that says "Ask me about my LEVO" because any time I bring my homemade edibles to a party, I end up getting someone else to buy one or borrow my machine lol. I don't sell the gummies and desserts I make, but I definitely could if I wanted a side business. LEVO makes it so dang easy to create infused cannaoil and budder. I use 2 pods at once during decarb and infusion to double the potency but still keep the chlorophyll out for better tasting foods and tinctures. Remember: dark, muddy oil isn't your friend! Golden oil is ideal for better taste and digestion / effects.