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Terpene Booster: Grow Media Optimizer

by Craft Buds™

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Craft Buds™ Growing Nutrients Terpene Booster: Grow Media Optimizer

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About this product

Our Terpene Booster & Grow Media Optimizer does just what it says. Regular applications of our foolproof blend will improve the efficiency of your grow media giving you more flavorful and fragrant yields. With a consortium of microbes, Humic acid, 16 micro-nutrients and 100% bioavailabilty – your soil will become a Super-Soil and your plant won’t waste any energy searching for nutrition. • Our microbes convert the existing elements in your media into a form immediately usable by your plants’ roots, and facilitate terpene production. • Our Humic acid increases the ease of nutrient uptake through increased root membrane permeability and cation exchange capacity, as well as improving the physical structure of your soil resulting in better water retention and airflow. • Our micro-nutrients fill in the gaps left in many grow medias to adress & overcome the ‘Law of the Minimum’ – just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, your plant growth is limited by its least available nutrient. Conclusion? Plant in soil, add Craft Buds, grow Craft Buds. Available Sizes: Quart Gallon 2.5 Gallons

About this brand

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Craft Buds™ is founded with one thing in mind: providing the highest quality amendments to help grow quality flower with minimal expertise. Alongside your current nutrient regiment, Craft Buds™ will help you and your plants get the most out of the root-zone as well as the nutrients themselves. You want higher yields, more flavorful and fragrant flower, and stronger more explosive root growth and we can help. For 25 years we’ve worked with some of the largest names in commercial agriculture and competitive growing, having served our partners over 20 million gallons of soil amendments and root propagators. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products for maximized yields. From helping amateur gardeners grow 600lb pumpkins and 300lb watermelons, to servicing the fields of Dole, Del Monte, Blue Diamond and Anheuser-Bush; we’ve made it clear that when it comes to soil ecology and plant health, we know what we’re doing. Money back guarantee on all orders. Free shipping on orders over $35. IG: @Craft_Buds_Official

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