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Face Mints Indica Flower 3.5g

Face Mints Indica Flower 3.5g

by Cresco Cannabis

17 customer reviews


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Thu Dec 10 2020
Great taste, a deep and lasting high that definitely smacks you in the face. I played Mario kart on the Nintendo switch for 2 hours and this strain made that already fantastic game 15x better.
Fri Dec 04 2020
A great, heavy Indica strain by the wonderful people at Cresco. A piney and citrus-y flavor, actually hits hard. Normally around 27-30%
Fri Nov 20 2020
Want sleep? Grab some of this. Want to eat but can’t? Grab some of this. Good strain, second time I’ve had it an it’s up there on my list of good flavors. Smooth smoke, great up lifting feeling.
Thu Nov 12 2020
If you are in pain and you need sleep, this is a good product!!!!😀🙏
Tue Nov 10 2020
5 STARS EASILY. i kick myself for not grabbing this Cresco Face Mints sooner. DON'T believe the bad reviews noobs post. 1st time trying it it is really good and cured so well. sticky AF, Verano i usually get but this is freaking fire bud guys, 31% thc like holy sht yes please. Pure indica in my view, i don't mess around with sativa based hybrids. This is very peppery, Mint that hits you in the face it reminds me of a thin mints og i had once, on first puff on pipe. no wonder where it got its name lol. Og for sure Face Off OG meets Mint Kush, i get cautious at some other grows, that og ascend has is fake garbage.doesn't even come close to cresco and verano. IF THEY HAVE IT GRAB IT IS ALL I CAN SAY.
Mon Nov 02 2020
One of my least favorite strains. The smell of the flower is great however this smell does not transfer to taste when vaped. Maybe it tastes better from a blunt or bong but if your preferred method is to vape I recommend trying something else.
Sat Oct 24 2020
Flower looks amazing. Nice purple hues to it. Smokes very smooth. Got that peppery burn that always reminds me of a good indica. Some light citrus notes are there as well. Heavy smoker but still got that head then body feeling after one pipe. One is good two will keep me on the couch
Sun Oct 18 2020
Hi folks, Smoked a 1G preroll from Sunnyside Beloit. This is so strong. It was not a fun experience for me. I got major creeper and time warp problems. Most people prob rate this 5+. It took me somewhere I didn’t want to be.
Tue Sep 29 2020
Ok I asked my budtender I need a real good indica to help me get a good night sleep and to relax me he recommended face mints I grabbed a eighth be warm me to make sure I had nothing else to do for the day before token up went home loaded a bowl and bam it hit me in the face first then straight to the body long story short that was the best sleep I had in a long time 👍🏽🔥
Fri Sep 25 2020
My favorite. Perfect for that body-high late night chill, gaming & couch potato. Definitely recommend.