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Boost eRig

Boost eRig

by Dr. Dabber

24 customer reviews


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I purchased my Dr Dabber Boost roughly 2 years ago. Within just a month or two the burner broke where it's soldered. Required a $50 replacement. Warranty was useless because I didn't buy through an authorized seller, I purchased through a seller on ebay. Within a couple more months the battery died requiring another replacement part. I put it in it's box for a few months before I finally got a new battery, also overpriced. Then the glass cracked while I was cleaning it. Fast forward to now where I've gotten a glass replacement only to discover that the burner has broken again. Complete junk, poorly designed. Don't waste your money on Dr Dabber products.


I had high hopes for this product but alas, great Idea but extremely poor execution.


This product is complete trash. Infact most drdabber products are fridgile and break easily. - I have had multiple Dr.dabber glass pieces and every single one of them has broken. Either the battery module breaks or the glass itself does. Either way the product is not practical and later on is just a paper weight.


Trash - Defective powder coating will leech into your meds. Do not use these devices if you are concerned with health. Waste of money.


Great concept, poor execution! *NOTE* NEVER FOLLOW DR DABBER REVIEWS ON THEIR WEBSITE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT SHOW ANY 1 STAR REVIEWS!! JERKS!!****** Battery Life: First, you will need to buy new batteries and an external battery charger. The charger that comes with the device SUCKS... SUCKS.. SUCKS! And will only charge it to 75%... This means you'll get 2-3 dabs TOPS before having to charge the device again. I had to buy 5 additional batteries just to keep this going for a day. Glass: The glass seems to get dirty very quickly, within a week you'll find yourself cleaning it. You'll want to also clean the inside base as well as this will prevent you from removing the glass later on if too much resin builds up. Its easy to overfill with water and causing the overflow chamber to fill up and leaks into your device (causing lots of bubbles while the water evaporates) Air flow is eh, I've definitely hit better before. Overall: My device lasted 4 months total before breaking. Its very unstable as well with an off center of gravity, causes it to easily wobble over and could possibly fall (I've already broken 1 by this) I would NOT recommended this device as its way over prices and you would be better off getting an e-nail.


Really love this product, yet could not keep it working. Thought I was just being hard on the unit. Yet replacement broke immediately as well. I bought a new battery, that had not effect. Dr Dap did replace one yet it only worked for a month. Wish it would work I loved the idea of no torch!!


This product was amazing for the first month. It was so good that I recommended it to two friends who also purchased them. Then the glass part fell apart in hand while using it. One time replacement. Then the power supply breaks. One time replacement. Those are both gone in a month. Then the same stuff again, glass breaks while using properly, then some part of the electric system. So its maybe 6 months in and ive already spent the price I paid for it again only tp have the glass crack and the power supply to break AGAIN. Done. My two friends had similar experiences as well. I wanted this to be so much more.


Love our Boost! Purchased it from a 3rd party online. It is the OG Blue so the nail is a little small... I know that they've remedied that, though, with the Black. This little device is everything we need. Super convenient and we use it everyday! My favorite part, though, was that because we went through a 3rd party, we didn't have all the necessary info to establish the warranty online. We were willing to forgo it, at first. Then, all of a sudden, our boost wouldn't hold a charge... we were going through withdrawals. We weren't sure if it was the battery or the unit. So we took it down and spoke with Eric. Coolest dude, ever! Totally tested our unit out and found that it was, indeed, just the battery. He gave us a new one and even hooked us up with a back up, as well as a couple of extra nails, just in case. Our Boost has worked beautifully since. On top of all of this, they hooked up our warranty. Within 20 minutes I received an email from Holly thanking us for stopping by and offering further tips and assistance. Dr. Dabber's work culture and customer service has won me over more than any contraption ever could. That being said... keep your eyes off my rig! ;)


I wanted so much to love this product, however my experience was horrific. My first Boost erig worked 1 month, it burned out after one month and stopped working. The next one fell apart the first time I used it. The next one had a misaligned usb port and my last one actually EXPLODED a week ago the first time I heated it up. It sent a piece of red hot ceramic flying, it landed in my neck and gave me a pretty serious second degree burn.... The customer service was great but I am scared of their products now and got a refund + apology.