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Chicken Soup For The Soil

by Dr. JimZ®

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Dr. JimZ® Growing Nutrients Chicken Soup For The Soil
Dr. JimZ® Growing Nutrients Chicken Soup For The Soil
Dr. JimZ® Growing Nutrients Chicken Soup For The Soil


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About this product

BIOLOGICALLY CORRECT NUTRIENT INCREASES GROWING SUCCESS! Chicken Soup For The Soil® also known as "the perfect fertilizer" contains all the nutrients and trace minerals that we have identified over the past 50 years as being beneficial for plants. This colloidal super-nutrient will stimulate life in the soil, grow ultra healthy plants, higher quality buds, and deliver all the nutrition your plants need to meet their maximum genetic potential! Grows healthier cannabis with more of everything that makes your plants valuable... visual aesthetics, taste, aroma, THC level, trichome production, and potency. Improves the success of all grows. Healthy plants do better in stressful situations (humidity, wind, temp), less bugs/disease. Feeds the microbes in the soil, improves soil ecology, supplies all the nutrients and trace minerals most fertilizers neglect. Works in all Soils and Hydroponic Setups / Indoor & Outdoor. Increases overall quality of Hemp and Medical Marijuana. Use as a stand alone nutrient for Vegetative Stage... Also, enhances all nutrients in the Flowering Stage. Simple to use... 1 tablespoon per gallon of water, apply weekly throughout the growing process. Makes 128 gallons! 100% Satisfaction guarantee! Grow higher quality marijuana or your money back... This Stuff Works! Makes the best compost tea on earth (instructions on website). Perfect for Growers. This stuff works! Check us out at https://drjimz.com

About this brand

Dr. JimZ® Logo
Dr. JimZ® is a fourth generation family owned business manufacturing the best natural fertilizer on earth. Stimulates life in the soil so your plants can meet their maximum potential. Includes all the elements in the periodic table.....Our products make the competition look young and inexperienced.

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I purchased Chicken Soup to try it on my current grow of Blueberry Kush auto. I am using this at 2tbsp per gallon of water, once weekly. I am in week 6 of my grow. All my plants are flowering and are huge for this strain, taller than they should be. When my plants were 2 weeks old they were 8" tall with side branching and huge fan leaves. The color was just like it should be and my plants were super healthy. I use GH Flora Series base nutrients for all my grows, and all i did was add the chicken soup for the soil as an additive basically just to see what it would do for my plants. I have plants now that are three feet tall with 10 more days of the initial stretch to go. My plants have huge fan leaves and are super healthy. I love this stuff and wish i had started using it a long time ago. I can't wait to try it on a photo period grow. I would encourage any grower to add this to your feeding mix. You will be glad you did. Peace

The first review is the stupidest review ever. 4 stars without trying it? Dumb stuff.

I just received my package of Chicken Soup and will leave a review update in about 2 weeks just to give it time to really do what it needs. For now I will give it 4 stars just get this post up and going.