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Cannabios Organic Hemp Massage Oil – Lemon Scented – 100ml & 500ml Bottles $28-$79

by Hemp For Fitness & Natural Happiness

Product Details

Smell-wise, the rich lemon scent is strong at first then quickly melts away as the hemp massage oil sinks into your pours. And it does so without leaving any greasy residue, stickiness, or that unpleasant oily sensation. Yet for massages the softness and silkiness lasts for long rubs. The skin brightens, taking on a healthier more vibrant glow. A Versatile Hemp Massage Oil for Every Household Tool Chest Great for ultra-soothing baths, aromatherapy, eradicating stress in the afternoon, after-workout muscle rubs, massage therapy, and to treat pain. Hemp Massage Oil Ingredients Organic Olive Oil: a mighty hydrating agent thanks to the dense essential fatty content. Adds healing effects as well due to the tremendous amount of antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals and relieves redness and skin irritations. Organic Hemp Seed Oil: Hosts an entire array of essential omega 3 fatty acids in an ideal ratio. Organic Wheat Germ Oil: Due to the high content of vitamin E, the oil is outrageously healthy for skin and hair. Wheat germ oil also acts as a potent antioxidant and protects the cells from UV-light and stress. In addition, it stimulates rejuvenation of the skin and eliminates wrinkles, stretch marks, and burns. Organic Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturizes and softens tissues through high bioavailability while helping to prevent or reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Complex: derived from the stalks of organically grown industrial hemp plants in the Czech Republic, sustainable, environmentally conscious, clean, lab tested…the works! Contains less than 0.3% THC; non-psychoactive. Organic Lemon Citrus Oil: A super- antibacterial agent that acts as a refreshing skin tonic revitalizing and stimulating tissue.

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About Us

Hemp For Fitness & Natural Happiness

Hemp For Fitness Started With A Phyto-Miracle! In November of 2012 my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer and my family discovered that he’d been dealing with a tumor known as Glioblastoma…. The news devastated us. His age made the prognosis worse and the doctors somberly told us that even if he went through surgery it didn’t look good: 6 months. Hi, my name is Marjan, the founder of and the lady in the middle of the family photo you can see on this page. As a daddy’s girl my world was crushed; shock came first. I was in a state of despair and inaction despite the fact I’ve held prominent positions in diverse industries around the world! This includes about a decade in patient care and personally launching PM Logic ORG, a consulting firm for medical practitioners and practices. But, at the end of the day, no one really thinks, “It’ll happen to us.” There’s No Giving Up! My brave father struggled through the entire gambit of surgery, chemo and radiation. I left my consulting firm and stayed home to care for him along with my sister who traveled back and forth from out of state. Meanwhile, I worked with mainstream medical practitioners and researched all the conventional options on the table only to discover that my father could definitely benefit from cannabinoids found in both Marijuana and non-psychoactive hemp extracts. We decided to make our first purchase and prayed heavily. There was a miraculous, almost immediate improvement in not only his symptoms and everyday life but his state of mind. Truly transformative. We were completely blown away. It’s incredible. Miraculous Hemp Concentrate Results As I write this it’s going on four years since my father’s prognosis which is already far-beyond average. He’s still doing amazingly well and is completely symptom free! Dad’s been on a faithful daily regimen that includes our own full spectrum hemp extracts which you can find on this website.