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HerbsNOW cannabis dryer

HerbsNOW is America's first cannabis dryer. Get consistent results, plus faster drying, all while retaining THC levels, terpenes, and flavor every time.


Product Details

The HerbsNOW dryer is America's first cannabis-specific dryer. Made for growers by growers. HerbsNOW operates with a low pre-set temperature that is ideal for perfectly drying weed while allowing it to retain 10 - 15% moisture levels. The dryer utilizes vertical and rotational air flow to ensure each bud has an even dry down. The contained environment of the dryer allows for faster drying, while still breaking down chlorophyll to produce a smooth, flavorful smoke. The HerbsNOW dryer does all of this while retaining THC levels, terpenes, and flavor with every dry.

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About Us


HerbsNOW is the answer to how to dry weed. Easy to use, HerbsNOW has a contained environment utilizing a low pre-set temperature plus rotational and vertical air flow. This results in faster drying with consistent results. Simply trim your buds, fill the trays, and turn on the unit, HerbsNOW does the rest. All while retaining maximum THC levels, terpenes, and flavor with every dry.