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White Amnesia is one of the most potent cannabis varieties ever introduced. Despite being pretty rare, it has secured a spot as one of the most sought-after cultivars thanks to its signature psychedelic kick. Naturally, the plant has some hardware to show for it: in 2010, it bagged the 2nd place at the Amsterdam Highlife Cup for the Best Haze Bio category. This rare Sativa-dominant cultivar is the product of a careful, well thought out breeding program. It boasts Amnesia Haze's powerful cerebral buzz, with the added influence of Afghanica which brings heavy nugs and thick, sticky resin. To foster a more uplifting high, it was backcrossed with Thai, an Amnesia Haze ancestor. With such a rich heritage, this herb packs plenty of power, flavor medicinal potential. It's a satisfying smoke that provides users with an energetic push to keep them going all day long. The good news is that getting your hands on this hard-kicker isn't difficult for those willing to cultivate it themselves. White Amnesia is an easy and simple cultivar to grow, and with these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., even newbie growers can make a fearless attempt. Its flowering time is quite lengthy, but the high yields are well worth it the wait. Growing White Amnesia from Feminized Seeds Cultivating White Amnesia comes with plenty of advantages. It's highly resistant to disease, mold and pests, so gardeners can watch it grow with few worries. Being a heavy yielder, it generously rewards growers for their efforts – and with feminized seeds the turnout is even better, as there are no male plants to discard. White Amnesia's small nugs are a pure delight. They're gluey and fragrant, with high resin production that's a testament to the plant's potency. The trichomes are so abundant and thick that the nuggets have an alabaster appearance from afar, but on closer inspection, they're bright emerald with amber-colored hairs. Indoors, the plant thrives in a SOG (Sea of Green) setup. It grows to a manageable height and is unlikely to cause any problems when it comes to space. After flowering for 10 to 11 weeks, you could get your hands on up to 1.96 ounces per square foot. Outdoors, the plant prefers sunny or Mediterranean-type climates, but it can thrive in the northern hemisphere with proper timing. The optimum time to sow it is from late April to the end of May, and reaping-season comes in late October up to early November. The key is to harvest before it gets too chilly. Growers can expect to bag 21 to 24 ounces of delicious buds per plant. Fragrance and Flavor White Amnesia can fill an entire room with its earthy, spicy yet floral aroma. Its majestic scent perfectly compliments its sweet, piquant herbal taste. On exhale, veterans with a keen sense of taste may detect a hint of pine on their lips. This excellent combination of fragrance and flavor makes toking White Amnesia a truly unforgettable experience. Effects With THC levels that can go as high as 22%, White Amnesia packs a serious punch. Its effects are mostly cerebral: the buzz strikes fast and hard, with an uplifting mental kick and a boost of energy. As the journey continues, you may experience some trippy, psychedelic effects. Colors come alive, and almost everything in sight appears stimulating. The cultivar is ideal for daytime use and can keep you active and lively in social gatherings. The overstimulation may prevent you from focusing on tasks, so pre-work consumption is a big no-no. Some even claim that smoking this herb for the first time may cause short-term amnesia. For good measure, those who are trying for the first time should bring along their ID so as to not forget where they live! Given its potency, it's not recommended for novice smokers or THC-sensitive users. Those vulnerable to anxiety or paranoia must also give it a wide berth – its heavy psychological effect may do them more harm than good. Feminized White Amnesia Seeds Those who are lucky enough to get their hands on White Amnesia seeds are in for an unforgettable trip. Hard hitting, flavorful and pleasant to the nose, medical and recreational smokers alike are sure to love this cultivar. With these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., growers can finally add this rare winner of a cultivar to their garden or grow room.

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