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AiroPro Rechargeable Vaporizer - Graphite

AiroPro Rechargeable Vaporizer - Graphite

by Airo Brands

6 customer reviews


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Amazing battery. Great output, consistent control, and fun to use.

Love the setup, but on my 2 pen and now those 2 aren't working.

Why I really like my IndigoPro Vape Pen. - I cough way too easy, So I avoid joints or pipes. Also, smoke smells up where I live with roommates. - A water pipe helps coughing. But still has the smoke smell problem. It's also a nuisance to keep clean. And, you can't carry it in your pocket for work or public. - IndigoPro vaporizer fixes this! I can avoid coughing by inhaling a smooth hit and at the same time letting in a little extra air between my lips. No cough. Also, no weed smell! Also, the vaporizer is super easy to pocket carry and catch stealth hits wherever I want. ... I also like their small black notebook-like holder. Cool looking, subtle and can carry up to 6 different cartridges. (Beware tho, off-brand cartridges might not fit into cutout slots.) 2 complaints that don't bother me. (1) Electric charge dies too soon. I have not noticed this, maybe because I have lots of USB phone chargers around. But if the unit dies, you can still use it if plugged into a charger. (2) Some say IndigoPro only accepts its own brand of cartridge. Not exactly true. In order to sell me competitor cartridges, several dispensaries gave me a small free magnet adapter that accepts any standard size cartridge (510 thread). The adapter is a small silver band that screws onto the cartridge base with a smooth outside ready to snap into IndigoPro's magnet holder. Works great for me.

This vape pen is amazing and the design was very well thought out. I needed something discreet as I am not allowed to smoke where I currently reside. I know there are a lot of pens that are pretty weak or cheap and I wanted to avoid all that. The helpful lady at the dispensary suggested I try this pen. She raved about it as did her co-worker once he overheard us talking about it. I figured I'd give it a try and I am so glad I took her advice. This thing is amazing! It's kind of discreet, has strong dab-like hits(no joke!) and the flavor of the cartridges are really tasty. It almost makes it addictive! Right now I am vaping the indica flavor known as "Midnight Moon" which is supposed to taste like black and blue berry. It's so smooth and tastes great. The $45 I paid for it was well worth the money. They could honestly charge more for this fine vape pen if they wanted to. The cartridges cost me $45 at a dispensary in Washington state. Side note: I also happen to own an Arizer Vaporizer but I think I prefer using the Indigo Pro Vape pen.

This pen is amazing! I love how discreet it is. The cartridge fits inside the pen rather than twisting on top, so no one can see the oil unless you pull the cartridge out. And the pen vibrates when you hit it instead of lighting up, which makes it even more discreet (the vibration is mellow and not overpowering). This pen hits better than any other pen I've ever tried; it consistently produces big hits. I've had my pen for a few months now and have never had any issues. This pen is a must for any vaporizer fan! You will not go back to 510 thread after giving this a try.

Without a question, this is the best vaporizer I have ever used. It has crazy vapor production compared to other pens I've used. I can get hits almost as big as when I use a rig. I love that it uses vibration instead of a light since it's so discrete. It's also the only pen that I have that can charge and vape at the same time. It's super durable too, I've dropped it a thousand times and you'd never know. The magnet that it uses is fun too, I stick mine on my fridge when I'm cooking.