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Milk Chocolate 50mg 10-pack

by Koko Gemz

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Koko Gemz Edibles Chocolates Milk Chocolate 50mg 10-pack

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Handcrafted Belgian chocolates made with the highest quality ingredients by our master chocolatiers. Gluten free Vegetarian Ten individually wrapped 5mg chocolates per box

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About this brand

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We combined two things we loved, chocolate and cannabis, to craft a delectable assortment of infused treats. Using only high-quality Belgian chocolate, our chocolatiers create an array of rich and smooth Koko Gemz. With every sphere of chocolate, you can enjoy with confidence because we dedicated to delivering in both taste and consistency. Indulge on Koko Gemz to start your morning, get you through your day, or relax at night.