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Liberty Reach by BMF Cannabis Flower Golden Ticket
Liberty Reach by BMF Cannabis Flower Golden Ticket
Liberty Reach by BMF Cannabis Flower Golden Ticket
Liberty Reach by BMF Cannabis Flower Golden Ticket
Liberty Reach by BMF Cannabis Flower Golden Ticket

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About this product

One of our most popular strains, this cross between Golden Goat and Face Off OG has been flying off the shelves. This may be because of its potency, with our plants testing at 25%+ THC, or her extra frosty appearance and prominent blonde trichomes. A balanced hybrid, Golden Ticket provides a relaxing body high alongside a euphoric cerebral response. Its aroma is an almost tangy elixir of sweet lemon/lime and sour skunk. Comes in 1g, 2g, & 3.5g sizes. Bulk sizes packaged in glass/mason jars include 7g, 14g, & 28g.

About this brand

Liberty Reach by BMF Logo
Liberty Reach ™ grown out of the mission to promote freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness. We are dedicated to cultivating those ideals in the latest industry that serves the definition of those unalienable rights. Liberty Reach ™ , is dedicated to connecting people through their right to enjoy pure cannabis products.

About this strain

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket
  1. Terpinolene
  2. Myrcene
  3. Pinene

Golden Ticket from Archive Seeds Bank is a 50/50 hybrid strain that gives you special access to euphoria’s top floor. Combining genetics from Golden Goat and Face Off OG, Golden Ticket balances full-body relaxation with invigorating cerebral qualities. Its aroma is an enticing mix of tangy lemon, sweet lime, and sour skunk. Keep in mind, Golden Ticket may also refer to a phenotypic variation of Chernobyl, a hybrid from TGA Seeds.

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Sat Jul 08 2017
Had to wait for the right time to hit this.2 regular hits off the joint and then 3 big ones tapering off it with a few more til I snubbed it out halfway.The effects were creeper and this one is definitely an equal mix of sativa and indica.The sativa high comes on and stays there keeping you focused and motivated.The indica side came on very subtle and kept hammering away right up to the end.Full body high and very strong.Would recommend those with GERD stay hydrated beforehand.However this strain can be a little much for those who suffer from anxiety but the high is incredible and with proper coaching will talk you to the edge of the cliff every time and have you backing way again.Great for late afternoon.Those with digestive issues will find relief with this one.Relaxation sets in for the ending with plenty of relaxed muscles thanking you for taking a break from your hard work.Golden Ticket is powerful but no psychedelic effects.If you feel like washing your car and looking after pets for 6 hours than this is for you.I just forgot to say that this will have you a bit forgetful so great for PTSD also.The head high is all around good enough to make you want to have this strain for an all day smoke.I would give this one 9 out of ten if I could but not a 5 out of 5.Golden Ticket implies what it suggests .....a golden ticket to a long lasting deserving high to keep the blues from arriving.It's a good bud for laughing off stress too.This is for creative individuals and artists.