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Phantom Farms Cannabis Flower New Goo

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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Great soothing beautiful tasty aromatic berry-smacking delicious buds! Cracked open first nug and shockingly a fat waxy mature seed popped out. No more since. Of course I germinated (paper towel). She/he popped. Don’t care about the sex as I’ll cross with a M/F of Willy Gs Lebanese (HSC: Lebanese landrace CBD 20:1) Lemongrass (HSC: gelato/lemon kush, high thc, delicious) and maybe Yegr (Hermetic Genetics: Yeti OG/jager ... phenomenal deep Indica Oregon grown/mastered ... top shelf beautiful deep hued Russian army green and red soaked bud). Stoked about the NEW GOO! But still curious about its genetics. I know Goo is a blueberry/Hindu kush cross. What’s the new in the goo? Higher thc (24% compared to Goos 16) ... and what led to that? Anyone in the know ....? Garcia

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Phantom Farms, a licensed recreational cannabis producer, was founded in Oregon in 2008 on the principle that the best products come straight from the earth. We cultivate Clean Green Certified® cannabis using organic methods, sustainable practices and volcanic filtered water in both our indoor and outdoor facilities. No exceptions. When aligned, these factors provide for a flourishing ecosystem – the perfect environment for mighty tasty cannabis.