Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size Rolling Papers

Box of Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size rolling papers complimented with an all natural gum.

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Our Pure Hemp Classic rolling papers are the perfect size for a blunt or a solid sesh. Our hemp papers are 100% Tree Free Eco Papers with an all natural gum. There are 50 booklets per box. There are 50 rolling papers per booklet. *100% Tree Free Eco Papers *All Natural Gum You Can Buy Our Rolling Papers At www.PureHemp.com

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About Us

Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Pure Hemp is the original Pure Hemp rolling paper. We have been pushing pulp for 20+ years, long before the bandwagon jumpers joined the RYO game. We love hemp and believe that hemp is the future of our planet. A portion of our profits are put back into the research and development of hemp and furthering genetic understanding of this incredible plant.. WE ARE HEMP! Often imitated... Where ever you shop for your rolling papers, ask for Pure Hemp by name. Team Pure Hemp