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About this product

Kosher Tangie Sauce Kosher Chem x Sour Tangie Sativa Dominant Hybrid Sauce is crafted using Raw Garden's single-source Clean Green Certified fresh-frozen, whole-plant flowers. Through advanced crystallization techniques, our sauce is refined into a flavorful concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

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Raw Garden Kosher Tangie is a stellar live sauce rich with aromas and flavors wild enough to match the rollercoaster ride this unique hybrid provides. Not to be confused with the more common Kosher Kush x Tangie indica-leaning strain, Raw Garden’s Kosher Tangie sauce is an intensely euphoric and energizing sativa-dominant hybrid with enough residual kush genetics to provide a safe and comfortable tapering off when it’s time to settle down. The kashrut in this Kosher hybrid isn’t Kosher Kush, but Raw Garden’s own Kosher Chem, the sativa-dominant child of Kosher Kush and Chem Dawg. And the tantalizing Tangie in this mix is not the sugared, citrine, evenly balanced hybrid beloved by many, but instead a sweet and pungent Sour Tangie, the 80% sativa-dominant hybrid child of Sour Diesel and Tangie. Raw Garden Kosher Tangie sauce’s olfactory Yin Yang is a dichotomy of dueling smells and flavors, both sweet, with pine, floral, and citrus notes, and pungent, with woody, earthy, and hoppy tones. The sauce’s texture and consistency compare to loose, sugar-infused jelly that melts into quartz like butter in a non-stick skillet. Kosher Tangie tastes more savory than sweet, though its tangerine and floral sweetness are the first to reach the palate. These momentary pleasantries are followed immediately by a pungent, earthy, woody, and hopsy heartiness tasting of honeyed rose petals muddled into freshly turned forest soil. Conventional wisdom suggests sativa-sourced genetics such as these can over-stimulate and enervate those with less than steely nerves. This was my first concern upon realizing Raw Garden’s Kosher Tangie is not an indica hybrid. But the geniuses at Raw Garden must’ve known that the brand’s discriminating customers prefer a sophisticated, dynamic, and complex high that impacts users with nuanced and heterodox experiences. Raw Garden Kosher Tangie resembles my favorite sativa strain, Durban Poison, providing feelings of uplift, alertness, and energy tempered by calm and relaxed centeredness. Both strains are ideal for any activity requiring focus and energy because they are uplifting and animating while maintaining an even keel physically, mentally, and emotionally. *****READ THE FULL REVIEW AT SWEDISH FLYING SAUCER DOT COM*****

About this brand

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Raw Garden creates clean and accessible cannabis products for the masses. We merge our expertise in farming and biotechnology to produce superior flowers in one of the world’s premiere agricultural regions. Our team consists of multi-generational farmers, nerdy scientists, and heady enthusiasts all devoted to organic farming and bringing clean cannabis to everyone. We are your trusted single source flower.