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Soda - Rootin Tootin Root Beer

by Reefer Gladness

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Reefer Gladness Edibles Beverages Soda - Rootin Tootin Root Beer
Reefer Gladness Edibles Beverages Soda - Rootin Tootin Root Beer


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

The comforting taste of classic root beer crafted from pure cane sugar. What a blast from the past! 12 oz. Powered by BioTHC .

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About this brand

Reefer Gladness Logo
Just the name makes you smile, right? Reefer Gladness is our spirited new brand of super scrumptious edibles made with TLC - tender loving cannabis! Loaded with lively full spectrum cannabinoids, Reefer Gladness promises you peak multifaceted performance – not just a THC high. Powerful and potent, Reefer Gladness offers a warmly uplifting mood-boost with a side of blissful tranquility. We have Bio THC to thank for that. Bio THC is a full spectrum marijuana oil designed and produced specifically for edibles. Unlike traditional edibles made with low grade trim from multiple sources, Reefer Gladness is created from the prized cannabis we grow ourselves - coupled with the power of Bio THC. This divine combo allows us to maximize the entourage effect resulting in a cleaner, safer, more consistently effective product. All batches of Reefer Gladness are tested by third party laboratories for potency and safety. Now that’s something to really smile about!