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About this product

Sensi Chew Insomnia is for patients with pain and/or who struggle with insomnia. It contains a total 90mg of organic cannabis using CO2 extraction and 4mg per dose of melatonin suspended in a chewy chocolate caramel. The cannabinoid profile is primarily THC with small amounts of CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, THCV, and other whole plant cannabinoids and terpenoids. Those who are new to or have a low tolerance with medicated edibles should proceed slowly. Medicated edible dosing is unique to each patient. To achieve best results experimentation and testing is needed to find the most effective approach. Several factors will effect how it works, such as dose consumed, age of patient, with food or on an empty stomach, time of day, with other drugs, and the experience of the patient with cannabis therapy. Patients should keep notes when they begin until the desired effect is determined. Sensi Chew Insomnia comes in 10-9mg doses. Try ½ to 1 dose (4-9mg) to see how your body responds. Each dose contains 4MG of melatonin, the recommended dose to regulate sleep patterns. Wait at least 90 minutes before consuming more. This is very potent and caution should be used. Keep out of reach of children. Chew slowly and allow the caramel to melt in your mouth for faster onset and absorption through the oral membranes into the blood stream. Take about 30min before bedtime. The effects should begin between 30min to 90min after consumption, with peak effects at 90min to 2 hours, and lasting for up to 4 to 8 hours. Each patient’s metabolism is different and the onset and duration will vary. Patients who are allergic to melatonin should avoid this product.

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For a first time user I suggest eating the smallest amount possible then wait 20 minutes. For me - all I need is a 1/6th of a dose and I am sleeping. I LOVE this product, used to suffer from insomnia for years and these are very well priced. Usually 1 box lasts me 2 - 3 months. If you are having sleeping issue I would highly recommend trying these out.


Tried a 25-mg dose last night when I knew it would be a rough night of sleep. It made my eyes heavy and body relax, but my mind was racing with paranoia for another hour or two before falling asleep. Woke up feeling really foggy-headed and kind of anxious. I'll try taking a half dose next time to dodge the side effects.


I am SO glad i found this product! My Dr had me on enough sleep meds to "put a horse to sleep" so he said...and i often wished i was a horse. I NEED my sleep as a I am a chronic pain WARRIOR...Sensi Chew AMEN to good sleep and waking up without feeling exhausted. Im a fan and im rested!!!

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June 23, 2017


About this brand

Sensi Chew Logo
At Sensi Products our mission is simple. Be Well. Sensi Products started in 2010, in the heart of Silicon Valley from a desire to make safe, effective, and consistent medical marijuana products for family members struggling with health issues. After extensive research and testing, Sensi Products released Sensi Shots, then two years later Sensi Chews was born. In 2017 Sensi Caps CBD Softgels were launched, and additional new and exiting products are in development. The response from patients has been amazing and their continued feedback and testimonials inspires ongoing exploration of new product ideas and solutions for alternative ways to improve health and wellness. Today Sensi Chew has grown to a family of 9 chews each designed to address a patient’s unique health needs. Sensi Chew uses CO2 extracted cannabis oil of the highest grade. This extract uses the whole plant to ensure that the diverse cannabinoid profile is captured for optimal health results. We lab test all raw materials to verify their quality, then we routinely test production batches to verify consistent potency levels. Why we do it: Because we care about good health. We are passionate about developing cannabis products that help people live healthy lives and provide safe alternative solutions for relieving and treating medical conditions. How we do it: We use our professional backgrounds in technology, science, health and wellness, and consumer product development combined with research, testing, and patient feedback to produce cannabis products that are safe, consistent, and proven. What we do: We make cannabis infused products using professional standards, processes and procedures. Sensi Chews are specifically designed to help patients address a wide range of health and wellness conditions. · Child-proof packaging, each does is individually enclosed · BETTER VALUE price per MG than other chew competitors · Lab tested, 2x · Dosed for easy use – 10 pc per pack · Travels well, doesn’t melt, not messy, compact · Consistent results with patients · Addresses time-of-day use - Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime · 120+ day shelf life; stable, no refrigeration · ONLY EDIBLES infused with special elements - Melatonin, Ginseng, Tongkat Ali