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Sour Alien OG

Sour Alien OG

by Terrapin Care Station

11 customer reviews


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Great indica leaning hybrid! Great night cap, some sour and earthy tastes. Potent little gem, thin stalks, fluffy and covered with crystals


Had this in the form of Shatter. Very balanced indica. Pain, anxiety decreased, and a bit of that heavy eyelid feeling, but no loss of drive. Exhaled slowly, you can just taste the OG "limonene" before the Sour D taste takes over. Another solid Terrapin offering in PA MMJ.


Damn. I read the reviews saying it was an intense cerebral experience, and I can agree. I loaded up my vapcap with about .1-.2g and after two rounds with that, I felt very energetic. I washed dishes, I premade some holiday food, I did all of my home responsibilities and I still feel great. The terrapin batch I got shows this to be a 28.988% potency! This is certainly some of the strongest medicine I've had, and I cannot imagine starting with a bigger bowl than what I vaped. I can see anxiety rising if you smoke too much of this, but I feel very outgoing, and uplifted. 9.5/10, would buy again.


Way too potent for me. Heart was racing, irrational thoughts, hallucinations of all kinds, depth perception was way off, shivering, etc.... I experienced 0 of the indica effects. After about 2 hours of freaking the fuck out, I was able to sleep it off. I would not recommend this to someone who is looking to treat depression or anxiety.


so the product is great but. most dispensaries consider this straight indica.its more of an energetic high than a couch lock indica high. everyone is different so its at your own trial run on the product.if your looking to go be outdoorsy or doing something productive this is the product if your looking for couch lock this might not be the way to go.


This flower is gnarly lookin' and looks wet, yet premature right out of the green terrapin container. Averaging over 23% thc, Sour Alien OG is a pretty potent indica dominant strain. Tastes slightly chemmy, but it finishes smooth and it's cured perfectly. Hats off to terrapin again, and if you haven't tried terrapin's flower, you need to but that's okay because that means there's more for me if you don't.


Occasionally I try other Longmont cannabis stores to check out what else is out there but when I want the best quality for the best prices (by a significant amount) I go to Terrapin. Excellent staff are all very helpful.


Terrapin has come so far! They have such quality products and affordable prices. Such a great strain this is... Pretry uplifting and very chill all at the same time.


I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS STRAIN!!!!!, but now I’m almost out n haven’t seen it. Around. TERRAPIn has a HUGE winner with this BEAUTIFUL INDICA!! The buds colorful with orange n mahogany pistols plenty of clear n white crystals...makes your mouth water....the smell. Plenty of Pinene....limonene . Nice Nickel to dime size buds with a gorgeous aroma, lime green color n a taste at 325* that let all the flavors of the Terpenes 366* I got the other Cannabinoids, n Terpenes....very smooth fruitful, a nice after taste on my lips. I’m 15 minutes into 15 hits or so...doing it this way you don’t burn up any Terpenes or Cannabinoids ya want n get all the flower has to offer... My pain was only a 5 so I’m pretty good now n melting what constant pain does to ya.....This is a smooth body buzz, releasing stress out of my muscles, n head. OK now a bowl of THE WIFE...HIGH CBD flower As I feel the third’s taking some of the heavyness of the bud.....oddly though it feels body doesn’t hurt n now has some energy.....yet I don’t wanna get up. It’s been 15 mi utes after 10 hits of high CBD....the feeling I had now has my body numb..PERFECT! I LOVE THIS STRAIN.....Terrapin is doing a great job at offering a great range of products,, THIS IS A GREAT DEAL @ 26% THC n a flora of terpenes gives it a great taste only matched by its FANTASTIC RESULTS...I WANT MORE,,,,, Peace Voodoo