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The Clear Apothecary - CBD Tincture - Orange - 1500mg

by The Clear™

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The Clear™ Hemp CBD Hemp CBD Tinctures The Clear Apothecary - CBD Tincture - Orange - 1500mg


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About this product

The Clear Apothecary offers hemp-derived, broad-spectrum extract in an easy to use format. The Clear Apothecary tinctures are ideal for new or experienced users. Just put the appropriate amount under your tongue for quick absorption, and continue with your task. Try our amazing broad-spectrum tinctures today! • 750mg or 1500mg of CBD per tincture. • No sugar, lecithin, glycerin, soy, or dairy. • Ingredients: Cannabidiol, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavorings • Available in three amazing flavors: Orange, Blueberry and RAW (unflavored) https://theclearcbd.com/shop/apothecary/tincture/1500-mg-cbd-oil-tincture/

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About this brand

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The Clear™ was the first a 100% solvent-free cannabis distillate, and is unmatched in its potency, purity, and flavor. The Clear™ Concentrate is a translucent oil, testing around 90% THC. It is fully activated by our specially-developed process to make it consistently potent and clean. Available in the original terpene-free Lobster Butter™, or with introduced all-natural flavors and terpenes to make our signature flavors, The Clear™ sets the standard for consistent quality in medicinal and recreational cannabis. The Clear™ has something for every user, with options ranging from 90% THC to 65% THC with additional CBD.