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VapeDynamics Vaping Portable Vaporizers Hera 2
VapeDynamics Vaping Portable Vaporizers Hera 2
VapeDynamics Vaping Portable Vaporizers Hera 2
VapeDynamics Vaping Portable Vaporizers Hera 2
VapeDynamics Vaping Portable Vaporizers Hera 2

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About this product

The world's first touchscreen easy-to-use, true dual use (flower & extract) vaporizer. Seamlessly switch between Dry Herb & Extract modes (dual-use) Ceramic & Stainless Steel hybrid dual-chamber. Hybrid heating technology; high quality, dense vapor. Compact sleek design; VUI touch screen. High precision temperature control ( 350°F-450°F) 2680 mAh Li-Ion replaceable battery; 90 minutes session time Active vibration, LED progress lighting control 1 year warranty, Patent pending

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October 10, 2019


About this brand

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VapeDynamics is all about embracing freedom and we believe it is best achieved through customization. Our products are designed to deliver a 100% unique, enjoyable and personalized vaporizer experience. Freedom is the future. The future is here.

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Fri Nov 16 2018
Bought this one on sale for around $100 and i absolutely love it. nicely vaporizes flower for a nice clean taste. my only complaint is that the device can get really warm, but its not uncomfortable.
Sun Apr 08 2018
Customer Service sucks so bad these days. Good Evening. I going to give a public warning about the Hera 2 Vaperizor. The one I got from VAC was only 14 months old when it started to actually fall in pieces. A very expensive and popular model. I call Tweed and they disowned any warranty and asked me to Call Germany to sort it out. I called, I email to no avail. So I called VAC and got well you know. OK no Problem and through others on this page I call 420 in Kingston to purchase a PAX 3, I was told the Hera 2 was better and it was on sale for 330.00 all in. I go down a couple of days later and purchase one, asked the right question and left. NO ONE SAID all sales final. But understandable, So my New Vape is good and strong for a week or so. Then it would not charge past 75%. I poked around the net and nothing. I send an email to Vapedynamics in California. 3 days later a reply comes. Basically it maybe the charger, So i switch usb wall chargers and it started working Once. Now it will only blink between 87 degress and 89 Degress. I reply to the email with my findings. A day or two go buy and an email comes. Sounds like it maybe something else, will you send the unit back. No problem, How and when and what do I have do while my Vape is gone, As I used as a medical device. 8 days now have passed and no answer, By email or phone. The phone just rings and rings. No Voice mail no nothing. So Today I headed down to 420 in Kingston for assitance. The young lad at the door at first was helpfull. Then the other guy came over, pressed the button and said it works, I said look at the temperture as it was bouncing back in forth. He says yeah nothing I can do, all sales final. I asked him to call the suppler in a bid to help. He looks at me like I was growing a second head, why would I do that. Customer service I replied, he then says something but the body language and attitude, were so obvious that he just didn't care. I got pissed, 2 weeks ago I spent 330.00 for this and your not even sympathic. I promised both companies free advertising so here it is. 420 Kingston's Customer Services sucks plain and simple. Vapedynamics is in the same. Thanks for letting me rant.