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Stainless Steel Weed Grinder

by Wacky Willys

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Wacky Willys Smoking Grinders Stainless Steel Weed Grinder
Wacky Willys Smoking Grinders Stainless Steel Weed Grinder
Wacky Willys Smoking Grinders Stainless Steel Weed Grinder


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Wacky Willy’s Boomers 100% 304L Stainless Steel Grinder is not only heavy duty, it is beautifully engraved and fit for a king! Never struggle with broken grinder teeth ever again, never worry about dropping your grinder or breaking it in any way. This ultra durable build will put your mind at ease knowing this grinder will be the last grinder you ever need to purchase. This 100% 304L medical and food grade stainless steel design has very finely-honed raiser sharp teeth to grind whatever you want. Don’t think its just buds or plant matter you can put in this bad boy. It will make short work of any type of herb or botanical. At 2.5 inches across and 1 inch tall the Boomer Grinder weighs in at .515g or a shocking 1.13 lbs. There is no magnetized center piece to keep the lid on, we just let gravity do that for us, due to the weight of the lid. Very smooth turning and grinding!

About this brand

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With over 30 years behind the art and science of herbal botanical extraction, filtration and decarboxylation, Wacky Willy continues to offer everything required to process raw herbal plant, cannabis bud and flower into medicinal tinctures, edibles, butters, creams, oils, hash and rosin. Wacky Willy’s innovations provide a wide range of hygienic food and medical grade lab quality stainless steel and mesh extraction and filtration products. Whether extracting whole plants or terpenes; our premium all mesh bubble filtration bags and stainless steel equipment along with Wacky Willy’s tip and tricks instructional guides, will ensure that your bountiful harvest is turned into the finest quality yield for premium health, wellness and enjoyment.

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Sun Oct 20 2019
Grinds perfectly for smoking a bowl and rolling joints by just breaking buds apart nicely rather than a more fine consistency for vaping. Folks often have grinders that grind the material too finely for a joint or a bowl. Also nice to not have a kief chamber because I would rather just smoke all of the cannabinoids and terps when fresher. No reason anymore to bother saving kief anyway when, if you want to get really high, you can always smoke a live resin or similar concentrate (assuming you can get such a product easily as in States where cannabis is legal). Super, high quality with great, machined grip. Nice and heavy this stainless steel piece will last a lifetime. It weighs about a pound, so its definitely a home piece. Keep it in a room where you would want to hang, grind, roll, and smoke joints. You probably want to put it in a room where you listen to music. Great piece for my midcentury inspired, home office, with the lettering and graphics as they are, and will be nice for a room with industrial or metal elements or to contrast with warmer wood elements. You will not find a higher performing, quality grinding tool, and also an attractive, conversation piece.
Thu Nov 16 2017
Amazing item, heavy, sturdy and sharp. Great finish as well and this is literally a lifelong investment. Nothing over-complicated; there's one chamber and it's purely designed to be lasting forever. I removed 2 points for these two reasons : - Difficult to get info on the alloy used and its quality (it can make a huge difference in the leaching of certain metals/toxicity) - They should offer a version more suited for fine grinding (for vaporizers) If they make a grinder featuring a surgical/food grade alloy + fine grinding then they'll be selling containers of them.