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Herbana - Kalamazoo (REC)

AVOID AT ALL COST FOR YOUR SAFETY Sick from smoking moldy weed they sold me then argued it wasn't moldy. I even offered to show her the few buds that had budrot mold but she said no do not show me it all comes from a testing facility...like that means no way possible it's moldy then finally a supervisor was called ( she was ok but ended up being kinda rude and standoffish ) " maybe you shouldnt shop with us again" ha i said i definitely will neva eva lol and a replacement was given but not before some dude working there tried to pick a fight with me and then he called the cops. The nice officer lady that helped me suggested I call poison control so I am doing that now. Now the higher-ups are really trying to get me to give them this moldy weed but no way not after that hell of an experience. All it would have taken is a little bit of courtesy but the staff here today was ridiculous, rude and aggressive. I will never be back or recommend anyone to do business with this place ever!! Ended up in the ER with breathing problems. AVOID AT ALL COST FOR YOUR SAFETY

Manic on Dubbs

Sour citrus melon funk. Dense nugs.Sour dank fuel kick on inhale, smooth on exhale with gassy chem watermelon flavors. Burns clean. Uplifting clear high with some body buzz. Purchased at Kalamazoo location very friendly budtenders