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Alternative Therapies Group (ATG) (Amesbury - Adult Use)

The lady at the front desk is so helpful my apologies as I can’t remember her name but she helped me out so much thank you again great experience as well with the person who helped me I got some great strains and great potencies overall great experience

Granddaddy Purple

I enjoyed the strain a lot for myself as I have crippling ADHD which also doesn’t help my post traumatic stress disorder where she also doesn’t help the fact that I don’t sleep a lot which also causes me to have insomnia but with this strain and GDP it has helped tremendously I don’t wake up throughout the night sometimes and I’m amazed! It’s really help me in a lot of ways some fun ways but really a lot of just medical health Waze thanks GDP!

Select Elite 1g Granddaddy Purple - Indica

I was able to find this cartridge in a 1000 mg ratio 1 g size 0.036 ounces and it is well worth the money so fresh so potent are you did not know I was going to find this and I happen to find it that day and purchased one and I should’ve asked how many there was and purchase them all because now there is none left and I am trying to find this particular strain and cartridge because well it works this is a pure Indica Cartridge and definitely not for the weary this is the best cartridge in the best strain I’ve ever seen in my life

Select Elite 1g Amnesia Haze - Sativa Hybrid

Freight really good pretty potent seen anything better so far high school in sea level and the they’re the freshest made abs produced cartridges I’ve purchased