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Oregon Diesel

Highly impressed. Went looking for PK and found Odi. A beautiful, powerful smell of sweet berry and lemon twirling over a strong undercurrent of diesel and a light mist of pine deliciousness. The smoke was smooth, slightly spicy going in and lightly fruity coming out. Of my three favorite indica heavies, Agrijuana's Purple Kush, Chalice Farms' Blueberry Kush and Harmony Farms' Kosher Kush (Love the 2 gram jar!) Oregon Diesel is now #2. Goodbye Kosher Kush, I'll never forget you! Peaceful, Easy Feelings settle in after about the 3rd or 4th toke gently gripping my racing ADD brain with calm focus that encourages a meandering awareness of thoughts and feelings. 5 minutes, maybe a few more, and indie's heavy, two handed grip kneads the anxiety from my body and leaves me voluntarily sleepy, but not tired. I'm couch locked by choice; this is my natural place in life, to sit and watch five seasons of Falling Skies. Is that not choice? Oregon Diesel, you are no Purple Kush, but, how I love you! We'll be together forever.