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Story Cannabis - Waldorf

Started going back to Zen Leaf 2.0 when it became story. Definitely better prices, but the customer service is horrible. They have a punch out card that gives you a free roll. Tried to get it holepunched for the times I forgot to pull out my card since they never ask. Why would they?Next, they had a glitch I'm their system where their 1/4 was the same price as an 8th. When I told them I got the wrong weight, they tried to just discount another 8th, instead of just giving the complete weight or at least drastically reduce the price of the other 8th. Why would anyone get an 8th instead of a Qtr for the same price? In other words, they do not work with you, no matter how much money you spend there. Not going back. Rather drive past it to go to dispensary works or up the street to Haven.