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Temescal Wellness - Hudson (Medical)

Amherst sour Diesel is no good... I've had the Amherst hour diesel strain before and the stuff that I recently got taste nothing like sour diesel. not one hint of skunk at all smells like it wasn't flushed right also. the bud was not super dry said it was packed the week prior and tested also. it came with the humidity pack that looked months old which was very strange considering it was only supposed to be packed last week. I would stay away from the Dispensary

Sira Naturals - Somerville

I used to make a monthly trip but ever since the Prices went to $55 -$60 an 1/8 with very little lower priced flower it seems like a they are not considering the medical customers who can spend that much on a 1/8th. Out of all the Dispensarys I have been to Sira has raised the prices To the max.....really to bad. Check out Liberty in Summerville they have not raised the prices.

Campfire Cannabis

Dispensary is need to stop charging more than $50 an 8th it is absolutely ridiculous never mind the sales tax that any recreational patient has to pay makes the 8th probably close to $70 which is So expensive

Mass Wellspring

I really did not want to leave this review.... but After thinking about it for a few days I believe it's the right thing. I live right up the road from mass wellspring And this was my 1st time going there figured I might as well give them a shot. The main reason I ended up going in was because of a few posts on reddit saying the Royal gorilla had a good terp profile. So I took a chance and when I walked in the front door & I should have immediately went with my gut feeling and left. The smell at every dispensary I've ever been in is a good inviting Potent Marijuana terp smell. When I walked into mass wellspring all I could smell was Chemicals (at least it seemed like that not sure what it actually was but it didn't smell right. ) I'm not sure if they were flushing the plants or something else was going on. But I was already there and I figured I might as well give them a shot when I got home I opened up the bag and immediately was disappointed, It has to be the lowest Quality flour that I've had in Massachusetts for a very long time. I smoked it and I'm not gonna tell you I didn't get high it did get me high but the taste was not good. Like I said before I really don't like leaving this review but I felt like I needed to because I wouldn't want somebody else to do the same thing I did.

Cannabist Lowell (Medical)

I first want to say that... Sour Diesel is my Original Favorite strain. since Massachusetts passed recreational I have been searching for Sour Diesel and everytime I find it at a store I buy it. I've purchased five or six different types and the only dispensary that actually had the sour diesel that I know by smell and taste was Patriot care in Lowell. The correct name it was under was Amherst Sour Diesel produced by Liberty. I swear when I got home I couldn't put down my concentrate thank you so much hopefully I'll be able to get more soon. Visited Mid July

Gage Cannabis Co. (Adult Use)

I know they're not open yet but I'm so excited I live right up the road and I have been waiting for them to open. From what I hear they also own the medical dispensary in Ayer and I hear good things. I look forward to they're opening day hopefully will be soon!