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Lucky Leaf Co. - Spokane

Prices are 5-10$ more than most shops for same product. Menu is not accurate, contains mostly sold out items and "future items". (what's the point of a menu if it's not updated?) Staff members lack retail customer service skills. Atmosphere is weird, along with the multiple store dogs? I've been here twice now (only bought once), no need to come back again with so many better options. Thankfully with enough competition now, stores run like this probably won't last.

Cannabis and Glass - Spokane

First off, it smells great as you walk in.. like you'd expect for a 502 shop. Friendly, helpful staff that is happy to explain new products. Selection of flower is great and prices to match!

Piece of Mind Cannabis - North Spokane

I can definitely agree with the "Green Surfer" quality comments below... Overall Satori is a decent shop, not my favorite anymore after some mixed experiences. Also drove across town looking for a strain they advertised on Facebook as in stock, to find it "not ready" and the only stock on hand was from another low quality producer. Bud prices are on the higher end comparatively. Customer service widely varies.

Savage THC - Recreational

Great small business with a mom&pop shop type of feel. Prices are very competitive and quality was above average. Some of the stickiest 502 buds I've bought so far!

Greenlight - Spokane

Great new shop in town. Competitive pricing and they actually share their menu online! Staff was very friendly, knowledgable and professional. Looking forward to when they have more selection but they're off to a good start!

Sativa Sisters - Spokane Valley

Have visited all the 502 stores in Spokane so far and this one is by far the best yet. Prices are acceptable, staff is helpful and knowledgable about product. Bud quality seems much higher quality than the other shops. (No schwag FarmerJ's here) Hopefully they will stock more products soon as it this shop seems like one of the more thought out 502 businesses locally.