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This store is no longer at this location. I am not sure where they went. Went to this woman owned store several times. People were nice and the product was good.

Purple Punch

Been trying different strains to find what works for me at night. Went for grandaddy purple but they did not have it so I decided since purple punch is a cross of GDP I would pick up a preroll. In Joint form tasted like pot(not good not bad just pot). Flavor wise I not could taste or imagine any flavors over the burning plant material. I typically don't combust and use a dry vaporizer. After a few hits I felt the buzz start in my forehead first (weird). It then turned my mind ELECTRIC. Random picture flashes and thoughts nothing to overwhelming no paranoia actually quite enjoyable. . As I lay in bed I felt a warm vibration slowly encapsulate my body as my mind slowly embraced the feeling of calm and peace. All pain/discomfort was gone and started to drift into blissful nothingness for four hours. I would try again. Would love to try as an edible and maybe make it though the night. SLEEP IS A GIFT.