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Cloud House

Great atmosphere and buds are nice and fresh! I never knew my bud tenders name but she was great and informative! They have some plants on display as well which I thought was pretty unique. I recommend this dispo 100%

Ultra Health - Sunland Park

Service was great and helpful but he quality of the bud was not good at all. It had no smell and was old. The wax was brown and stale. If I would of known it was going to be this bad I would of gone inside the store and pick out what I though was good fresh weed. It was an online order so I guess it's half my fault for not being able to check the product myself before buying. So I guess I'd recommend to come in and check personally.

Ultra Health-Sunland Express

Service and atmosphere was good but the quality of the bud is not good. I bought a gram of each flower option that they had at the time and each one was old, dry and bland. No smell average taste. If you want too shelf premium this place is not it.