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Sandia Botanicals

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“Be Cautioned - Check all clones/plants from this facility before introducing them into your garden, My last clones had spider mites really badly, and you couldn't tell when you purchased, only a week or 2 after when the infestation gets bad. This place has good medication for the most part, Only place i know that charges 14+ a gram for it though. Sorry guys, wish I could say better”

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“When I first went in to register as a new patient, it was a pretty formal experience. Like when you visit a new doctor for the first time. I was provided with information about the different types of products available in the store and the sorts of health benefits each product was associated with. Some of the other reviews are negative regarding the prices, but any organic product whether in the cannabis industry or the food industry will be more expensive! Just something to keep in mind. They sell keif by the gram and it is a great way to add potency and flavor to your flower products, or you can just smoke it by itself for a super tasty toke. The Dragon's Blood tincture is a great way to medicate without having to smoke, additionally it is a lower calorie alternative to most edibles as well. The next on my list is to try their cannabutter so I can make a little magic of my own right at home. : ) Thank you guys! ”

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