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“Scrumptious, ready to devour medicine. Sandia Botanicals makes having a chronic illness have a silver lining. I look forward to each visit.”

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“Beginning to really love this place. Their 100% Organic strains have yet to disappoint. I find this to be true in general of Cannabis grown organically, without profit margins and quotas, more is not necessarily better. Now to afford all I need. I have tried the Sour Cream, Sour Apple, Skunk Haze, Ak-47, Blue Dream, Flo, and Northern Skunk. A caretaker of Cannabis, would be hard pressed to do "better" than Sandia Botanicals does in growing their/your/our medicine. If you like to geek out on labels too, they have super informative ones. I don't agree with Cannabis grown any other way than organically so I haven't sampled the Red Barn flowers. 5 star medicine.”

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