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Banana MAC

When I tried this strain,it was late at night and wanted to see if this helped with sleep issues. The first bowl: This glorious strain left my body numb which took away any normal pain from sore joints and back issues. After 5 minutes or so my body felt light and airy. After the second bowl, my body was sent into another level. I could feel my body Skywalk and enjoy the floating affect. This strain allowed me to have a good hard sleep with out dreams, which left my body feeling refreshed when I woke up the next morning. I decided to see how this strain would help during normal daytime hours. After the light and airy feeling I was able to focus and complete tasks although getting started was hard. While completing tasks the light and airy feeling allowed me to stand for long periods of time with out pain and issues which allowed my mind to enjoy what task I was attending to. All in all this strain can both help with night time sleep, pain, and allow your body to float and feel refreshed.