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Holistic Alternatives

I have been buying from this company for years up until the last Couple months I would not have had a complaint customer service is everything in my opinion I used to be able to call in ask if they had what I wanted in stock and now rather than just tell me I have to go to this damn app and I'm referred to this app every time I don't want to have this app on my phone for anything I find it rather rude and discourteous if I give a shit about your product enough to call and see if you have it the least you can do is tell me if you do Give a shit about your customerIt's a real let down Compared to the friendly person I used to have on the other end of the phone If it wasn't for the fact that you guys have the prices you do I would have went somewhere else the 1st time this happened Perhaps it's the price that is that entitled you guys to hack down your customer service?