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Mass Wellspring

I was so excited about this place due to location but now that has faded. No pop up product specials, no menu update in 2 weeks, and their first time special (20%) can only be used on their flower. They have been selling the same Rev. clinic’s concentrates marked up in price since opening. I was told they had a promising new head of extraction, but that has yet to be seen. I’m sure there’s a strong focus on moving to recreational but it would be nice to see a commitment to the medical side for now. I will continue to drive much further until they are much improved.

Central Ave Compassionate Care (Medical Only)

Just stopped in for the first time. Easy to get to, and Service was quick and friendly. Price is a little high, but I am very impressed with quality and selection. This will become one of my go-to dispensaries!

Temescal Wellness - Framingham (Medical)

Easily accessible from where I live. Good variety of options available, and decent point system. Really disappointed to see distillate cartridges at 95$ for .5 cartridges. IMO that is crazy. I will not support their business again until prices for vapes are more reasonable as that is my main method of consumption. Make medicine more affordable.